Friends or Lovers

Ashley has been friends with Harry all her life, they went through school together and their friendship is still going strong -Even though he’s MEGA famous- but when they accidentally kiss, sparks fly and send their worlds upside down...


1. Chapter 1


I was at Harry’s as usual, just chilling, chatting, watching TV, what any normal friends do.‘So, what do you want for lunch?’ He said. ‘I’m not fussed, anything really.’I replied. ’Ok, Nando’s it is then, what do you want?’ He looked at me from across the room and waited for my reply. ‘Um, Surprise me, oh and no Peri-Peri sauce! You know I don’t like spicy food.’ I gave him a cheeky grin as he got his phone out of his pocket and rang the number. ‘Hi, yea can I have 2 chicken breast burgers, please, one with Peri-Peri sauce and the other without?’ He stared at me rolling his eyes as the lady on the other end of the phone tried to persuade him to buy extra fries, a bottle of Peri-Peri sauce and crisps and dip to go with it. ‘Just the burgers please.’ he said, he told the lady his address and put the phone down. ‘It will be here in around 20 minutes’ he said whilst sitting on the sofa next to me. ‘Pass the remote?’ I asked. Harry was quick to grab the remote and change the channel (Disney channel to be precise), knowing this would annoy me. ‘Harry, I said pass it!’ I exclaimed in an annoyed tone. He just laughed and then sat on the remote so I couldn’t get to it. ‘Oh Don’t be such a baby Ashley, There is nothing wrong with a good old spot of Disney channel!’ I stood up and walked over to the kitchen in a huff, Slamming a glass down on the table before filling it with lemonade. ‘Can I have some please?’ Harry asked. ‘There’s none left!’ I said whilst shaking a half full bottle at him, making his eyebrows screw up. ‘I’ll get it myself then!’ He replied, he stood up and walked towards where I was, took a glass out of the cupboard before filling it with a tiny bit of water and standing behind me. I immediately jumped when I felt the water trickle down my back, I screamed then turned around to see Harry laughing at me. I grabbed the glass from his hand and filled it up halfway before pouring it over his head. ‘What was that for?’ He asked. ‘What was that for? You poured water down my back, you’re such an idiot Harry!’ I said rather loudly, while staring at the curly haired boy with soaking wet hair, but a smile on his face. He shook his hair at me making me shriek from the cold wet water hitting my face. ‘I need a towel, thanks to you.’ He laughed, and grabbed a towel before wiping the wet from his hair. The doorbell then rang and I ran to the door, The man at the door was soaking wet, I wondered why but then I realized it was raining, I payed the man, took the food and closed the door. I then turned around to see harry sat on the sofa ready to eat. ‘Come on then, gimme the food!’ Harry chuckled, he took the bags from my hand and put everything on the coffee table.’Right so this ones yours.’He said whilst handing me my burger.’And this one’s mine.’ I took a bite into my burger, immediately realizing what he had done. ‘Ahhhh, HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Get me water, NOW!’ I screamed, Harry had switched the burgers around, giving me the one with Peri-Peri sauce.’Ok!’ He said, he nearly fell over he was laughing so much. He filled the glass I had used earlier to pour the water over his head with and brought it over to me. ‘Here, you look so funny when your angry!’ We finished eating and then Harry took out his phone, we sat there for a solid 30 minutes until I broke the Silence. I jumped up, grabbed Harry’s iPhone and legged it across the room. ‘Hey!’ he yelled. He ran towards me. ‘Give my back my phone!’ He stated. ‘No, you need to talk, you’re always on your phone!’ I replied. Harry began to chase me around the room, but then he cornered me. I turned to face the wall holding his phone to my chest. I suddenly felt shivers shoot down my spine, He put his arms around my waist, this is something Harry had never done before, we were just friends, nothing more, plus because of who he was, it just didn’t seem right. We both looked at each other, he still had his hands around my waist, he leaned in so I did too, I felt his lips reach mine, kissing them slowly, he touched the side of my face and moved my hair out of the way. I pulled away and gave him his phone.’I have to go.’ I said. He nodded and grabbed my bag, I pulled my phone from my pocket to read the text my boyfriend had sent ‘Hey Babe, I’m on my way home now, c u there, hope you had fun with Haz! Jackxxxx’ I shoved my phone back in my pocket and opened the door, Harry handed me my bag and smiled at me, he then slid his hands into his pockets.’Bye Harry’ I said the guilt rushing through me. ‘Bye Ashley… I’ll… um… see you soon!’ He looked at the ground. I was quick to close the door behind me.     


What had I got myself into?

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