The Girl That Changed Everything

Lisa was a huge Directioner, untill the boys say there breaking up. 20 years later she falls in love with Harry Styles after her duaghter becomes best friends with his, at least that's what she thought happened. Read to find out what really does.


1. Good Bye

17 year old Lisa's POV

I was finally going to a One Direction concert after begging and begging for tickets mum and Daddy finally got me them I spent hours picking out and outfit, I had to get a completely new outfit. Annie was here with me, she's my best friend and also a directioner. We had front row tickets. FRONT ROW! When the boys came out on stage we started screaming like crazy. I think Harry just winked at me. Ahh! It was awesome but before the boy went offstage the boys said they had something to tell us. "This is our last concert. ever. I'm soory guys we love you all. Good bye loves." Liam said. I started crying. Harry came over and pulled me on stage. He gave me a hug and said everything was gonna be ok. "Not when you guys are the reason I don't cut my self any more, or why I eat." I sobbed into his chest. Soon all I heard was Harry and I crying together. He pulled me offstage and took me to there last meet and greet and put meon his lap. He signed stuff and took pictures with the crying fans. I felt my phome buzz in my bra and excused my self. It was Annie.


A-screw you! you said you'd never leave me for a guy! I hate!

L-Annie!? I didn't leave you! I'm sorry if that's-

A-Shut up! I don't want to hear it!

she hung up and I walked back to Harry. He kissed my cheek and I smiled, a little tiny smile. He smiled back showing off his dimple. "I'll drive you home if you need, I heard your fight.." "Thanks Harry" I said "But can I get a picture first?" "Of course, Cupcake." I stood there by him and he kissed my cheek, Louis took the picture and gave it to me. "Here you go, love." Harry walked me to his car and helped me in. On the way to my house I cried and fell asleep on his shoulder. He woke me up at my house. Daddy was on the porch. Harry helped me out and walked me to the door. Who's this?" Daddy asked. "Harry Styles." I said crying more. "He's from that band you love, right I think I've seen pictures on your walls." Daady said to me. "Yea, he was." I cried and ran to Daddy, he hugged me. "What's wrong?" Daddy asked. "Th-there br-breaking up." I sobbed. "Oh, baby, I'm so sorry." "Goodbye Harry." I said and hugged him. "Your beuatiful, don't cut yourself or stop eating. Promise me you wont. I love you." Harry wispered to me. I nodded my head and he said goodbye and went to his car. I watched him drive away, crying harder.

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