A Damsel in distress

Alex has been left alone her whole life, everyone at the orphanage hates and ignores her, until one girl made her watch films and listen to songs from her fave boy band one direction. Seeing and hearing all the new sights and sounds may of changed her life. Read on to find out.


1. All Alone

Alex's P.O.V

I have been hated my whole life, when I was born my mother took one look at me and through me out. Well I don't actually know that but I've been told by matrons. Barely anyone has noticed me since my 5 birthday when the orphanage still had money. But a couple of months ago a new girl came.she was like a technology princess. She had everything but a family. But instead of making friends with the prettier more stylish girls, she chose to be friends with me! Her name is Jodie and she's beautiful, with curly blondish brown hair and chestnut big rounded eyes.

Jodie's P.O.V

Being in the orphanage sucks, I've only been here like 2 days and everyone's acting like bitches calling me a slut and a whore! All except for this one girl, I think her names Alex or something. Every time I bring out my laptop or phone she acts like she has never even heard of the apple store.she thinks its like a huge store that's sells only apples. I feel kinda sorry for her though, I mean like never even knowing anyone but the bitches that have been dropped off in this dump.but I like her, she's cool to hang out with and it's so funny when I play a song she like freaks out!!! We saw this horror film called the orphanage and when it finished we both were so scared because you know we where orphans, but it was ok because we are getting out of here next week since its our 18 birthday. It's so weird that we were born on the same day.

Alex's P.O.V

Oh my god I am FREAKING OUT!!!!! Jodie and I saw this film called the orphanage it's was freaky as hell!! I'm so excited that next week me and Jodie are leaving this spaz hole and are going to live in London! Jodie's got us all sorted out and has got us two floors of a council flat, one for me and one for her! We are going to live two independent lives of two independent woman.

** sorry for short chapter **
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