Love at First Bite...

Nikolle is no ordinary girl. Literally! She is a vampire but nobody knows. One day her best friend invites her to a One Direction concert. As soon as Harry sees her, he's in love! What about her secret?Will Harry find out? Read to find out!!


25. Shame

  Nikki's P.O.V.

  I woke up and looked around. Every vampire was here. Like it was a ceremony. Like turning a human into a vampire. I tried to get out but I was ted to a chair in the corner. Yeah, yeah, shame on me. I wiggled some more. I'm trapped. I'm forced to see Harry's death. This is just so bad. I get a few sad looks from some of my friends; they feel bad for me. It's embarrassing because I didn't tell them about Harry. They found out. When no one was looking, they set me free. I mouthed a thank you to them and they nodded. Now, I need to get Harry out safely. I managed to see him on the stage. In front of everyone. The King was also there. Ready to attack. I pushed past everyone, not even bothering to say excuse me. I have to get there before he-

my thoughts were interrupted as I saw the King bite Harry in the neck.



 Sorry it's short! Really tired. NEED CANDY!!! Trying to update ALL! See you soon!

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