Love at First Bite...

Nikolle is no ordinary girl. Literally! She is a vampire but nobody knows. One day her best friend invites her to a One Direction concert. As soon as Harry sees her, he's in love! What about her secret?Will Harry find out? Read to find out!!


21. Ready, Set, and Tricked

 Nikki's P.O.V.

 He wants a second chance. But my heart is already broken. It's too late. He should of thought of what I would do if he ran away. Suffer. Cry. Be miserable. I told him I would be at the park at 3 but I lied. I know my mom and dad would never let me date Harry. They don't even want me to date period!! Jason told me if he ever found Harry, he would crush him like a bug. I told him not to because I still have feelings for him. I try to ignore them and I think its working. Jason is at work and my mom and dad are on a date! YUCK! It seems like it should be the other way around. I looked over at my closet. Maybe I should go. NO! He ran away. He's the one who should be afraid of going. He's the one that likes a VAMPIRE! I looked at my phone. 2:30. Maybe I should go. No. Should I? No.....? Is 'No' the right answer? If Ellie were here, she would say to listen to my heart but I cant tell her. She's a PERSON. She'll call the cops or something! 2:32. Maybe I should go......OK FINE YES!!! ARE YOU HAPY NOW HEART!! IM GOING!! IM GOING!! IM GOING!! I hopped out of bed and looked through my clothes. I decided to put on some skinny jeans, a yellow shirt with white polka dots, and silver flats. I put on my make up and walked to the park. I looked at my phone. 3:13!!! How'd it get so late? I hurried to the park even though I can't run in these stupid flats. Once I got to the park, Istarted looking franticly for Harry. I looked near the trees, near the playground and even near the bathrooms!! He was just nowhere to be found. What if he just thought I had tricked him and went home? What if he hates me now? What if he found another girl?

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