Love at First Bite...

Nikolle is no ordinary girl. Literally! She is a vampire but nobody knows. One day her best friend invites her to a One Direction concert. As soon as Harry sees her, he's in love! What about her secret?Will Harry find out? Read to find out!!


26. Promise

Nikki's P.O.V. "NO!" I screamed as loud as I could and ran to Harry. "Harry!" I said as I kneeled down at his body on the cold floor. "Harry?" His eyes fluttered open and he forced a smile. "Nikki?" "It's me" I said, trying to smile, too. "I'm so sorry." I said as my eyes flooded and tears rolled down my cheeks. He'll never live a normal life again. "It's okay Nikki. I'll be with you forever right?" he said as he closed his eyes and died. It takes half an hour to become a full vampire. Sobbing now, I stood up. This was all my fault. I never should have told him my dirty secret. I should've just lied and said I already had a boyfriend. He would move on and have a happily normal life with someone else. It's also the King's fault. All his fault. "YOU!" I said pointing to the King. "YOU KILLED HIM!! WHY DO YOU KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE?? TO SATISFY YOUR HUNGER!?!? THAT'S WHY THE REST OF US DRINK ANIMAL BLOOD! BECUASE WE CARE!!" I boomed. I had no control over my body, now. There was no way to stop me. I took the King and threw him against the wall. Crying and furious, I punched him. Kicked him, scratched him. Scarred him for life, too because no one ever dared to touch the King. And all those marks will stay on forever. Only vampires can physically hurt vampires. I felt guards dragging me away but I kept kicking, scratching and punching at who ever was holding me. I wiped me eyes and noticed that everyone had backed up away from me. Like I am some kind of monster. I am already. I looked at the King, all run-down and terrified. Terrified of me. "You will promise that you will NEVER kill people again" I said looking at him strait in the eye. "O-Okay. I-I promise." "SWEAR IT! SWEAR IT TO EVERYONE! AND MAKE A TREATY TOO!" I said. O-Okay." Someone gave him a paper and pen and he wrote it down. "SIGN IT" "He put his signature at the bottom. I took the paper out of his hands and said "NOW THAT OUR KING HAS SIGNED THE TREATY IT MAKES THE STATEMENT TRUE. WE WILL NEVER KILL AN INNOCENT PERSON AGAIN! THIS IS NOW OUR NEW LAW!" I looked at the King. "Come with me" He got up and I led him to a room. A room with just the two of us. I know I can't trust the King. No one can. So I took the wooden stake from my pocket (I had put it there before I left to find Harry) and stabbed him right in the heart. His cry only made me push it in deeper. So deep it's irrepairable. I grinned as he fell to the floor, dead for real. I left the room that happened to be his bedroom and said "I HAVE KILLED OUR BELOVED KING. BECAUSE NO ONE CAN TRUST HIM. WHO'S GOING TO RULE OVER US NOW? NO ONE. WE ARE FREE." This made people confused but then joyful and delighted. They flew away leaving me and Harry. How much has passed? I don't know but I bet I can't turn him back now. It's too late. I sat next to him crying my eyes out. I will never forgive myself. But maybe life will be good for him as a vampire. Maybe not. "Nikki?" I heard him say. I looked up. Harry. "Harry?" I croaked. "I'm so sorry" "Don't be. Maybe it's better to be a vampire" he said softly. "You mean like killing wild animals and drinking their blood for food?" I joked. "That sounds SO appetizing!" he said. I laughed. "Why is being a vampire so good?" I asked, serious now. "So I can stay with you forever." Then we sealed our promise with a kiss.



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