Love at First Bite...

Nikolle is no ordinary girl. Literally! She is a vampire but nobody knows. One day her best friend invites her to a One Direction concert. As soon as Harry sees her, he's in love! What about her secret?Will Harry find out? Read to find out!!


24. Fighting Back

   Nikki's P.O.V.

  It was too late when I finally found out what the creak was. I fell and glass showered everywhere. I couldn't even see anything; I closed my eyes shut and landed on my stomach. I felt like I was going to throw up really bad. I gripped my stomach and groaned. I forced my eyes open. Everyone stood there. Frozen. I decided to ignore the pain in my gut and stood up. I made a run for Harry but Adrianna slapped me across the face. Ow. That hurt. Well, if she was going to play dirty, bring it on. I have defeated her like a million times anyway. Why can't I do it this time? I ran over to her and punched her. Right in the gut. She let go of Harry's arm and tried to kick me. I grabbed her leg and kicked the other one so she would fall. She hit the floor with a thud but then tripped me. We wrestled on the floor for a bit. She gave me hard smacks and punches like never before. How'd she get this strong? I tried to punch and hit her back as hard as she did to me. Ok maybe a little harder. I failed those 85% of the time. Once we were back on our feet, I managed to get a glance at Harry. He was just as frightened as I was. I saw the Vampire King coming behind him. "BEHIND YOU!" I yelled as loud as possible. He turned around but it was too late. The King grabbed his hand and looked like he was ready to take a bite. Harry tried to struggle free. I was too busy looking at Harry I didn't notice that started to grab the collar of my shirt. I tried to struggle free. Tried to save Harry. I smacked her and punched her 50 times but she wouldn't budge. I used all of my strength and fury and attacked her. I tackled her on the floor and punched her again and again. I'm so violent. Once I was done I got up and ran to Harry. I tackled the King knocking all of us down. I place my hands around his neck; ready to choke him. He just laughed. "You fool. You have no guts to ever kill me. Nobody can. In a lift of a finger I can get you and your family killed." he cackled. I loosed my grasp. He pushed my off and reached for Harry. Jeez why doesn't this boy run?!? I tried standing up put the whistles and dozens of guards came in. One came and hit me so hard, everything went black. WAIT! NO! WHAT ABOUT H......

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