Love at First Bite...

Nikolle is no ordinary girl. Literally! She is a vampire but nobody knows. One day her best friend invites her to a One Direction concert. As soon as Harry sees her, he's in love! What about her secret?Will Harry find out? Read to find out!!


8. Backstage with One Direction

   "Ta-da!" Ellie yells and holds out 2 backstage passes in my face. I smile."Thanks so much Ellie!" I yell. We put on the passes and run behind the stage. One Direction was there with a bunch of other girls. Ellie runs and joins the mob. I just stay behind. I can't go there! What if One Direction finds out about my secret? What if another girl sees my fangs? Its better for everyone that i stay right here. Ellie doesn't even know i am here. She is too busy flirting with Liam. I hope she doesn't not see I'm not with her. I just stare and stare at One Direction. Its all I can do. I look for Harry and find him. I stare at his gorgeousness. He's soo dreamy...SNAP OUT OF IT, NIKKI! He's Harry Styles! He will never love a vampire!! He has a crush on someone else. I know it.

        Harry's P.O.V.

Wow.There are so many girls here! I look around nervously. I have never been backstage with so many girls before! Wait. I see another girl staring at me. She is standing not so far away. She has jet black hair and seems sad. I wonder why. I stare and stare wondering if she will come over. She doesn't. I go over to Lou."Lou cover me.I need to do something" I whisper to him."But we're backstage!" he whisprer-shouts. "Please Lou. I need you to cover for me!" I whisper."Ok" he whispers back. "Hey everyone! I got a surprise for you! Follow me!" Lou yelled and walked one way. Everyone else followed him. Everyone but the girl with th black hair. She sees me walk over and tries to run away but I grab her shoulder gently."Hi I'm Harry.Who might you be?" I asked." I'm Nikki" she answers looking into my eyes. I look into her green eyes and smile.She smiles back but doesn't show her teeth. Uh oh. I think I have a crush on Nikki...

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