Love at First Bite...

Nikolle is no ordinary girl. Literally! She is a vampire but nobody knows. One day her best friend invites her to a One Direction concert. As soon as Harry sees her, he's in love! What about her secret?Will Harry find out? Read to find out!!


12. Asking

    Harry's P.O.V.

Did she just say that? I guess she doesn't like me as much as I like her. "Sorry! I didn't mean to sound rude!" she exclaimed. "It's okay" I answered and smiled. "So what do you have planned?" she asked. "It's a surprise!" I answered. "Fine" she answered. I wonder why she's always looking at the floor. Maybe she's just shy. "Come on" I told her and lead her to the place where I set up the picnic. We sat down. "Are you a vegan?" I asked. She shook her head 'no'. ''Good'' I answer and smile. She smiles too but doesn't show her teeth. I took out the food and began setting it up. There were fruit, sandwiches, and lemonade. I took a sandwich and she took the other. We began  to eat but she still looked down. She looked so beautiful. Should I ask her to be mine? Is that a bit too soon? Maybe it's the perfect time. After we finished the food, everyone else in  the park was gone. I think I should ask her now. "Nikki?'' I ask. "Yeah?" she answers still looking down. "Would um my girlfriend?" I asked. She just stared at me.

   Nikki's P.O.V.

Did he just ask that? What should I say? "Harry, I'd love  to but I can't. If you knew the real me, you wouldn't have asked me that" I answered. I can't look him in the eye. I just can't.  I looked up. The suspense was killing me. He looked devastated. I feel really bad now. I looked down again. "I'm sorry" I apologized. "There are lots of other fish in the sea" I told him. "Thank you anyway" I told  him and stood up. I began to walk away. I feel terrible. I just crushed my favorite boy's heart. I  guess that's the price to pay when your a vampire.

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