She's The One

Alexis is an only child and always has been. Her mother passed away from cancer when she was a baby and from then on, she has been tormented and abused by her dad, when her and he best friend lily pick up the courage to run away, they almost get hit by a bus... but this was no orindary bus...their lives are about to change forever...


3. The Surprise Bus

I saw Lily looking shocked, the bus stopped just in time before nearly hitting me. Then someone came out to see if i was okay and you would never believe who.

"Omg we're so sorry about that, we didn't see you! are you okay?" i recognised that irish accent anywhere, i looked up and it was him, Niall Horan from one direction! i was so shocked. " fine" i was really speechless. niall helped me up to my feet. " what are 2 girls like you doing out at this time of night?" i looked down to the ground, " well...umm we're running away... our dads abuse us.." by then i had tears down my eyes. Niall came closer and wiped them away and pulled me in for a hug. "im sorry to hear that" he said in a gentle voice. "Niall i just wanted to say that im a huge directioner and giving you a hug is all i ever wanted to do." he laughed a bit " well thank you, and where are you both planning to go?" i looked down again. " well we dont know we didn't plan it we just had to go" Niall looked quite sad but then his fave lit up. "hey i have an idea! come on tour with us? we're on a break now and we're off to Australia so you girls could come?" Me and Lily jumped up and down with excitement. "OMG YES PLEASE NIALL!" Lily screamed. He laughed with us " well okay come on then i'll introduce you to the boys even though you know who they are already haha!" he lead us onto the bus where we saw the other 4 gorgeous boys infront of us. Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry, they were all there. I couldn't believe my eyes. "Boys This is uummm wow haha what are your names?" we both laughed. "Alexis and Lily" i said. "oh okay haha well boys this is Alexis and Lily, i invited them to come with us because..well theyre running away.." Niall said. the boys agreed and came running to hug us in a group hug. Louis took our bags and gave us a tour of the bus. it was HUGE!! "Do you guys want anything to eat?" harry said winking, i knew he was the cheeky one. " no thanks we just ate" Lily replied. The boys showed us the rooms, where we put our suitcases. Lily and the boys went to watch football while i stayed in the room, i pulled my mum's photo and held it to my chest, Then niall came in. "Alexis..are you okay?" he asked looking quite worried. " yeah im fine i just wish my mum was here with me" he gave me a horan hug and whispered to me. "Everything will be okay i promise". i went to put my pj's on until i realised i forgot them. "SHIT" i said, niall just laughed "what is it?" he asked. "i brought everything except my pjamas!" i felt embarassed. " its okay i'll give you something to wear". He walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out one of his big shirts. "here put this on" He turned around while i got changed. "Niall im going to go to bed now im really tired" "yeah i think i will too." we both said goodnight to the boys and climbed into bed, our beds were opposite eachother but they were pretty big. we fell asleep pretty quickly.. this was going to be a good time..

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