She's The One

Alexis is an only child and always has been. Her mother passed away from cancer when she was a baby and from then on, she has been tormented and abused by her dad, when her and he best friend lily pick up the courage to run away, they almost get hit by a bus... but this was no orindary bus...their lives are about to change forever...


2. The Run Away

I grabbed my phone from the side of my bed and called my friend Lily, I had to whisper as I didn't want to risk dad hearing me even though he was snoring. I dialled her number and waited for her to answer..

Lily: Hello?

Me: Hey, its me Alexis, I want to run away, like now.. my dads asleep and if I dont get out of here soon who knows what will happen.

Lily: yeah same here, well im packing my bags meet me at the end of our street.

Me: Okay bye

I hung up and started packing my bags, all my summer clothes went in there because i didn't know where we were going to go, i packed winter clothes, suncream, my make up and bathroom bags, a photo of me and my mum before she died and i went downstairs and snuck food from the fridge and £100 from my dads wallet, i put all my stuff into the suitcase and slowly went downstairs and out the door.

As i got to the corner of my street i saw Lily waiting there. "hey Lily, lets go i dont want to be here anymore" we both went of running, dragging our suitcases behind us, we had no idea where we were going but we didn't stop. Its already been 3 hours and we were exhausted. it was now 1:04AM, we found a little corner shop so me and Lily went in and brought some crisps, sweets and a drink. We sat on a near by bench and started eating. We both talked about one direction as they were the only people that could cheer us up right now.

We finished out food and started to make our way again.. we walked for ages, it was realy dark and we were getting really tired.. we started to cross a road then all i heard was "ALEXIS WATCH OUT!!" i turned to see big bright lights coming towards me...i fell over in shock...

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