She's The One

Alexis is an only child and always has been. Her mother passed away from cancer when she was a baby and from then on, she has been tormented and abused by her dad, when her and he best friend lily pick up the courage to run away, they almost get hit by a bus... but this was no orindary bus...their lives are about to change forever...


1. My Life

"GET OVER HERE AND MAKE ME SOME DINNER NOW!!!" my dad screamed from the bottom of the stairs. I jumped out my skin and ran downstairs where i got a good thump. Its always been like this and i hated it, since my mum passed away all my dad does is drink every night and abuses me but i'm too scared to do anyhting about it. I want to run away, and i want to run away with my best friend Lily. She's going through the same thing so she knows how i feel.

I made my way to the kitchen and started to make my dad some dinner, tears rolled down my cheek as i made it. I finished the dinner and walked over to my dad where i was shaking. I couldn't help it, my dad scared me so much. *SMASH* i accidently dropped the plate then started crying, i looked up at my dad who had wild anger in his eyes, he was breathing heavily too. "WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?!?" he shouted at me. "Dad.. im really was an accident.." I didnt have time to cover myself up before my dad hit me repeatedly and burned me with his lighter. "GET UPSTAIRS AND GO TO BED NOW! I DONT WANT TO HEAR A WORD FROM YOU!" he screamed in my ear. I ran upstairs crying my eyes out, trying not to scream from the pain. I laid in my bed and cried for hours, then i turned my music up and listened to One Direction, i loved these boys so much, theyre my favorite band, they always cheer me up when im down and help me through things even though ive never met them and probably never will. My favorite member is Niall because he's always happy and proud to be irish, hes cute, funny, and dosn't care what anyone else thinks and he has the most amazing voice, i cry every time he sings his solo's. I nearly fell asleep when i heard my dad coming upstairs.. i pretended to sleep while he came and checked up on me, then he shut the door and i heard him go off into his room. Now was the chance, but what would i do if he were to catch me? i would be in so much trouble..  Was this my chance? should i finally run away?

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