She's The One

Alexis is an only child and always has been. Her mother passed away from cancer when she was a baby and from then on, she has been tormented and abused by her dad, when her and he best friend lily pick up the courage to run away, they almost get hit by a bus... but this was no orindary bus...their lives are about to change forever...


4. En route to Australia

I woke up and looked at my phone, 4:30AM.. great Lily and  the boys were asleep. i put my earphones in and listened to a bit of one direction, i had a flashback of my mother and instantly tears were streaming down my face. I held the photo to my chest and sat on the floor. Then i heard someone get up. He walked over to me and sat next to me.. It was Niall. "Alexis whats wrong?" He asked looking quite concerned. " it okay nialler, i just miss my mother thats all." he looked deep into my eyes and gave me one of his magical horan hugs. I instantly felt butterflies in my stomache.. i had a lot of feelings for nialler. He was so gentle and had such a bubbly personality. He pulled out of the hug. "Sorry if i woke you up nialler" i said. " naa you didn't i was awake anyways, i couldn't sleep, how bout we go into the living room and watch a film?" he looked at me and smiled. I didn't answer, i was so lost in his beautiful blue eyes.. i finally managed to nod.

We went into the living room and starting watching "Saw 3" i sat next to nialler under a blanket. At one point i jumped and grabbed niall's hand. I looked at him embarrassed then took my hand away. He smiled at me. "its okay alex." he said and took my and in his intwining our fingers. We watched half of the film before it got a bit to much for me. "nialler can we please turn this off? its really gory and im not feeling to well." "sure babe" he said as he went to turn it off. "WAIT.WHAT. NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTION JUST CALLED ME BABE" i was fangirling on the inside trying not to let it show.. when i heard niall burst out laughing...oops i let it show. "fangirling are we?" he said laughing. i went bright red. "shut up" we both started laughing. we decided to both lay down on the sofa and watch a bit of TV. It wasnt Long before we both fell asleep.

I woke up, finding myself lying on Niall's chest with his arm around me, i slowly got up trying not to wake him. I made my way into the Kitchen. "Finally awake are we?" Harry said winking. " yeah, i didn't sleep well last night." "well ive made you breakfast anyways." "thank you Hazza" i said smiling, he walked off back into his bedroom, then Lily came in, i got up and gave her a hug. "Morning girl" she said with a big smile. "morning lil" We both started talking until all the boys came in. "morning boys" i said hugging each one of them.

We all had breakfast and had a good chat about their music and how much we loved them. "well im going to get myself cleaned up" i said making my way to the shower. i hopped in and let the boiling water run through my skin. I washed my hair and body then hopped out. I put on some leggings, and my top that said "Keep calm and Love the Irish Leprechaun." i put my hair into a messy bun and put on a little make up. I walked out the room to find all the boys staring, then they all burst out laughing and Niall went bright red. "whats so funny?" i asked a little confused. "Nice top.." louis said smirking, i looked down then started laughing too. The bus came to a halt and the driver came out saying "We've arrived guys" .....

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