Flying High

Jenna has just moved to a new school . Pretty soon shes been forgotten by all but some people. Then she meets him. He's the one!


3. The First Sight

  "Hi. I'm Harry." He said. "Jenna" I reply shaking his hand. "Looks like were locker neighbors." he said flipping his curls. "Looks like it" I reply. Ok Jenna pull yourrself together. You need to start a conversation. "So the weathers nice." I say. OMG did I seriously just say that? He Laughs." Yeah it's pretty nice. Oh is that your schedule?" He askes and takes it from my hands. " Guess it's my lucky day" he says, "I have three classes with the cutest girl inschool." "Oh really? And whose that?" I ask nosily. "You" he says and leans in to kiss me.

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