Flying High

Jenna has just moved to a new school . Pretty soon shes been forgotten by all but some people. Then she meets him. He's the one!


4. The First Kiss

I can't breathe. I am kissing Harry. The feeling is overwhelming. I never dreamed this would happen. I'm kissing a boy! His lips are sweet, soft, and gentle. We finally come up for air. "Wow." I say suprisedly. "You're a great kisser." He says. "Thanks." I say. I start blushing and rush off. I run to the girls bathroom. I splash water on my face. "Chill, Jen. You need to chill. Just. Calm. Down." I say to myself. A girl walks in. "Hey are you ok?" She asks. I nod. "Oh! How rude of me I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Kate." She reaches out a hand and I shake it cauciously. "No need to be afraid I wont bite!" She says. I laugh. "I'm Jenna. You can call me Jen, Jenna, Jenny, or anything else." I say. "Cool! What does your schedule look like?" She asks. "Algebra 2, Advanced Literature, Luch, Drama, P.E., and then finally I have Art." I said nervously. "Hey I hope you don't think I'm rude but what were you talking about when I walked in." I tensed up. "Well a guy named Harry said I was the cutest girl in school... and then he kissed me." I said. "OMG!!! Harry Styles kissed you!?!?!?!?" She screamed. "Shh and yes he did." I reply. "He's the hotest boy in school!" She replies. "I bet you £10 he likes you!!!" She almost screams. "Fine, but he probably just wants my body." I say sadly. "If he wanted that he would have made out with you and kissed you all the way down your neck." She says. "He definatly likes you." "I hope so" I mumble under my breath as we leave the bathroom.




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