Flying High

Jenna has just moved to a new school . Pretty soon shes been forgotten by all but some people. Then she meets him. He's the one!


2. The First Day

 I walked into the school building. Some people stare. Others go on like nothing's new. I walk straight to the office.

"Hello. How may I help you?" The office lady asks.

"I'm Jenna Tall. New student." I say.

"Ahh. Jenna. Heres your schedule. If you follow me I'll show you to your locker." She replies. We walk down the corridor. We stop by a group of lockers. "You are locker 30. The combination is 12-32-7." she says and walks off.

I look over and a cute guy is looking at me. He has lucious curls and emrald green eyes. "Hi I'm Harry." He says.


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