My Baby

A girl the age of 18 has a baby and puts it up for adoption. Liam Payne adopts the baby and falls in love with the mom.


7. The Other Couples

Kaylee's P.O.V.


  "Kaylee someones here for you!" My mom yells as I run downstairs in my shorts and a cute floral tank top. It's my date! 

"Harry!" I yell as I run to Harry and hug him. Yes he is my date. I was really excited because he doesn't seem like he would hurt me like Liam did. It's been 3 weeks sense me and Liam broke up. I still get to see Ashlee because Liam thinks it's not fair for Ashlee to not know her own mom or her real mom.

"You look beautiful!" Harry said as he opens the door to the car and lets me get in.

"Thank you." I reply. We drove for a good 15 minuets and the whole way there we were holding hands and flirting. This is the type guy I like a really flirty one but also one that is sweet. Don't get me wrong Liam was all those things but he cheated on me so he is out of the picture.


  The whole night me and Harry had a blast the last place we stopped was the beach. We both got out of the car and sat on the sand. I looked over at Harry and realized  he was staring at me so I started to stare at him. Before I knew it we were kissing. He is such a good kisser! We couldn't stop kissing for the rest of the date. Every kiss we had was passionate. I felt like I could kiss him all day and not get bored.

Liam's P.O.V.


  "Hey Liam we're going out to dinner wanna join?" Niall asked. 

"No I'm good I will just stay here with Ash." I replied.


  I missed Kaylee! She was my everything! But stupid me had to ruin it all. I do this with all of my relation ships! I'm faithful it's just one of my exes has to come and ruin it! 

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