My Baby

A girl the age of 18 has a baby and puts it up for adoption. Liam Payne adopts the baby and falls in love with the mom.


3. The Meeting

Kaylee's P.O.V.

  "Kaylee are you coming?" My mom yelled. Today was the day that I was meeting the person the was adopting my baby girl. I was nervous because what if the parents don't take care of her? I was just really caught up in the whole thing.


  "You must be Kaylee?" The adoption lady asked. I nodded and went inside the building. 

"So who is the parents and where are they?" I asked.

"Oh you mean the parent and his name is Liam. He should be here shortly." The adoption lady says as a tall brown haired brown eyed man walked into the room and introduced him self. When I saw him my heart skipped a beat and I felt a feeling I have never felt before. 

"My name's Kaylee." I said.

"I'm Liam." Liam said as we walk out the door of the adoption building.


  As the day went on me and Liam started to become closer and started to get to know each other. For some reason all my worries went away and I felt oddly safe when I was with him. We finally stopped walking when we got to a park.

"Hurry feel! She is kicking!" I say as Liam jumps off his swing and ran to mine to feel my belly. 

"I can already tell she is going to be beautiful." Liam said as I began to blush.


Liam's P.O.V.

  "Kaylee" I kept thinking of that name the whole "date" we had. She was the most beautiful girl I have met. She is my dream girl she is sweet, beautiful, and the mother of my child. When I was with her I felt like we were already a family and that she was my wife or girlfriend. 


  We went shopping for car seats, strollers, and stuff that families go shopping for. After shopping we went to dinner and I felt like I was married. She set off some sort of spark inside me that has never been lit before. 


  We went back to the adoption center and I walked her to her car I opened the door and before she got in I gave her a hug and we stared into each others eyes. It was awkward but at the same time it was amazing . Before I knew it our eyes were closed and our lips were touching each others.

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