My Baby

A girl the age of 18 has a baby and puts it up for adoption. Liam Payne adopts the baby and falls in love with the mom.


6. The Homecoming

Kaylee's P.O.V.


 Today is the day I brought my baby girl home. I was so exited because she is part of mine and Liam's family. Family I love saying that now that I have my own. 


  Ashlee started crying so I put her in Liam's arms so I could go make her a bottle and get a diaper. 

"Your turn." I said to Liam with a smirk on my face. He got up and changed her diaper. I loved this whole mom thing but it didn't I wanted it to be final I wanted to be married and have my own house. I wanted it so bad! 


 I went upstairs to get dressed out of my pajamas and into some sweats. I come back down and Liam's talking to someone at the door. I peek over his shoulder and it's a girl. I grab Ashlee and carry her upstairs to my room and waited for Liam to stop talking to the girl at the door. 


  Ashlee started crying so I went downstairs to get her bottle. When I walked downstairs I looked at Liam and he was kissing the girl at the door. I got the bottle and ran upstairs with tears coming down my face.

"Kaylee wai-" Before he could finish I was in my room and my door was shut.


Liam's P.O.V

 What did I do? I just lost the trust of the girl I loved. I'm so stupid! 

"Kaylee. Open the door please. Let me explain." I said to Kaylee as she opened the door.

"Look Kaylee that girl was my ex she kept wanting me back. I don't like her!" I told Kaylee.

"Then why were you kissing?!" Kaylee yelled.

"She said she would only leave if she got one last kiss. I didn't want her to see that I have a family now. I'm sorry." I said.

" I don't know if I can forgive you. I gave you all my trust and you just took it for granted! I wish I just gave you the baby and you just were out of life so I didn't get hurt!" Kaylee said.


  She gave me the baby and the car seat and I left her house and went to my house. While I was at my house I began to cry because I think Kaylee deserves to be in this baby's life. 





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