My Baby

A girl the age of 18 has a baby and puts it up for adoption. Liam Payne adopts the baby and falls in love with the mom.


2. The Continuous Puking

Ashlee's P.O.V.

  It's been a week and I am still puking. I thought it was just a hangover but it is much more than that! I keep thinking that I'm pregnant but I don't want to actually think about it. I went to my room and turned on teen moms. It was really relevant because I could be one of those girls that got their lives ruined by a stupid decision stupid people make. Well in my situation it's not necessarily my fault I was drunk and I didn't know what was going on.


  "Kaylee! I'm home!" My mom yells as I run downstairs to help her put grocerys away. I was on the last bag and it was all the bathroom stuff so I walked back upstairs and put it in the bathroom as I was putting the stuff away I stumbled upon a pregnancy test.

  "Mom?! Do you need to tell me something?!" I yell at her.

  "Kaylee that;s for you! I just want to make sure you aren't pregnant you have been showing signs!" She says as she opens the box and hands me the package. I go to the bathroom and begin to pee. I look at the stick and it has a smiley face on it. I started to panic and thinking of stuff to my mom. But before I could think of something my mom barges in and takes the stick from my hand. As she looks at the stick she drops her jaw and is silent for the rest of the day.


  "Mom I hope you know I'm giving it up. I don't want to deal with a baby at the age of 18!" I say as my mom nods and walks up stairs to go to bed.


Liam's P.O.V. 

   The adoption agency said that if there are any babies available in the next year they would call me. Besides the fact that I am going to have a child the band is doing great! We leave for tour in a few days and we start in London. The only thing that would make my life better would be a child and a girlfriend. I know I can get any girl I want but I want one that acts cool and doesn't pass out when my shirts off or when she sees the boys.


 "Hey, Liam I'm going to go on a date with a girl I met yesterday. Bye!" Harry said as he left the house. He has been living with me because his mom kicked him out because he always had girls over.  I wish I was like him didn't save my self for someone special and instead just throw myself at girls. But no my mom had to raise me thinking I had to save my heart for the girl I'm "Destined" to be with forever.   

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