Four hearts

As Princess Zelda holds the bi-monthly Nintendo Princess meeting, she recieves news about her own Hero that will send her on her own adventure through Hyrule and other games.


1. Meeting with the Princesses


As Zelda paced her throne room, the colours from her stained-glass window shone like rupees across the floor. “Where are they?” she asked a footman as he scurried into the room clumsily.
“Your royal highnesses Peach, Daisy and Galaxy will be present shortly ma’am. They are currently undergoing virus checks in the start screen.” He informed as she grimaced and waved him out gracefully. After he was out of sight, she trotted over to the chest of drawers conveniently situated beneath an open window and pulled out a small ivory ocarina. “Come on link...” she muttered quietly, before putting the ocarina to her lips and playing her song softly through the open window. Every meeting so far he had failed to make an appearance, and she was beginning to get annoyed with him. Of course he managed to make an excuse each time; ‘I was summoned by the Great Deku Tree’ or ‘Well someone has to keep the moblins under control right?’. Well Zelda knew perfectly well that he was more likely to be found frolicking in a fountain with one of the Great Fairies. Just for once she wanted a hero who wasn’t such a lazy good-for-nothing playboy.

“Zelda darling! Sorry we’re late! We were having brunch with the Marios and well... We’re here now anyway!” Princess Peach called as the three visiting princesses made their entrance into the hall. Zelda turned around and smiled at them all. Peach and Daisy looked so cute in their little puffy skirts and tiaras, and then there was Rosalina in her gorgeously elegant dress and adorable hair-style. As usual Zelda felt like the odd princess out at the meeting. Where was Minda when she needed her?

Whilst Zelda had been thinking about the girl’s clothing, the three Mario princesses had taken their seats and were looking eagerly at their friend. “It’s a shame really...” Peach muttered to Daisy whilst Zelda exited to retrieve the secretary “She’s never had it like us, never had a lovely pointy tiara.” There was a moments silence before Rosalina added;
“Never had a hero who cares either by the looks of things...” The other princesses giggled before they were disrupted by a new voice behind them. “Sorry I’m late ladies, do you know where I might find my BEAUTIFUL Princess Zelda?” Daisy gasped as she turned to look at the speaker. There he was; pointy ears, long pointy hat, long floppy fringe and tunic. The mysterious ‘Link’ had finally appeared to the meeting.

About 3 minutes later Zelda returned with a servant in tow. “Ah Zelda you’re back!” Peach announced loudly, standing up and gliding over with a slightly too enthusiastic smile on her face. “Yes...” Zelda said, looking over Peach’s blonde head and noticing that the plumbers had arrived “I didn’t realise the boys were coming too...” she muttered, handing the scrolls in her hand over to the servant and allowing him to proceed with his duties. Peach frowned slightly and crinkled her perfectly flawless skin; “But you invited your hero?” She imposed, turning around and gesturing that the others move aside and allow Zelda a line of sight. “Oh I see...” Zelda then announced, clapping her hands together. “Well if you will be patient for a little while longer ladies, I would like to have words with my hero.”

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