Why Me

Emily is 20 and when she was 18 she lost the love of her life Niall Horan,
he had to go on tour he promised he would come back but did he?
Every night she cries herself to sleep until one night she sees a figure in her room


2. What the hell?

Niall's POV


"Thank you everybody!"Harry shouts then we run of stage

Finally! The tour is over i can do what i have been aiming for finding Emily and being with her for the rest of my life.


"Liam hurry up!!!!I need to get there!" I wine in liams ear even though hes driving "We are nearly there! stop wining!"he says back

Now i know why hes daddy direction




i thanks liam and leg it to the reception and say "what room is Emily Wilson in?" "24"he tells me. i tip him and i remember that he gave me her key because he has seen me before on one of her pictures so im aloud in!yay

I go into her room with dry tears on her face and she says "N-Niall?"


Emily's POV


"N-Niall?"i wisper it ccant be him no it cant i blink and wipe my eyes to make sure its real "yea its me i came back for you"he wispers back.i run up to him and jump up to him and give him a hug "you left me"i cry



Nialls POV


"you left me"she crys in my shoulder " i know and im so so so so so sorry" i replu i put her down i had to make her mine i call in all the boys Lou gives me my guiatar and i start to sing "It's a beautiful night

We're looking for something dumb to doHey babyI think I wanna marry you
Is it the look in your eyesOr is it this dancing juice?Who cares, baby

I think I wanna marry you" i had to make her mine forever Zayn takes my guiatar and i kneel on one knee "will you forgive me and be mine forever by being my wife?"



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