when a famouse modle meets 5 guys from one diretion who does she have feelings for? read to find out


5. truth or dare

as i took my shower and headed downstairs i noticed all the boys were awake " so how about we play a game of truth or dare?" harry asked me " sure im in" i said as we all gathered around in a circle " so star truth or dare?" harry called out " dare" i said " i dare you to kiss any boy you like from us 5 boys" harry asked i really had feelings for harry but im not sure " so does this mean i have to kiss you?" i asked harry " it sure does" harry said as i started leaning in we kissed for 1 min " so you like me?" harry asked with a smirk " haryy dont be funny" i said as we ended the game i decided to go do some shopping-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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