when a famouse modle meets 5 guys from one diretion who does she have feelings for? read to find out


7. my feelings

as we arrived home i got a phone call from my manager that i have a photo shoot in 30 min as i went back downstairs " boys i have a photo shoot to go to dont burn the house" down i said as i grabed my car keys " but we are going to miss you" harry said with a puppy dog face "fine you guys can tag along" i said as we headed in my car and drove to the studio as we arrived i headed to my dressing room and the boys fallowed behind me as they sat in the coach as i was getting dressed and getting my make up on i finally got ready and went to the setting where i had to sit in fake sand and were a bathing suit as i was posing now it was the time to take the picture with boy models as they put their hands on me i could tell the boys were geting jealuse 

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