when a famouse modle meets 5 guys from one diretion who does she have feelings for? read to find out


6. mall

so as we ended the game i decided to go do some shopping " so alright boys i have to go do some shopping" i said "could we tagg along?" harry asked with his puppy dog face " sure let me go grab my bag" i said as i grabed my bag and headed downstairs and we all got in my white bmw m-10 " wow nice ride" zayn said as he got in the back " thanks " i said as i started  the car and headed to the mall as we arrived we parked and heade to my favoriot store forever 21 as the boys fallowed up behind me " so could you guys help me look for a high low dress?" i said " sure' they all said as we all split apart to look for my dress moments later i went to go try on the dresses the boys picked out for me i guess i have to buy all 5 of them because i love them all but i really loved the dress liam picked out it had stripes and it was cute so i bought the dress and we all  headed out  the mall ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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