when a famouse modle meets 5 guys from one diretion who does she have feelings for? read to find out


3. beach

as today i woke up to the sun rising through my window as i grabbed some cloths and threw them on and headed down stairs to 5  loud boys sitting in the coach watching "Nemo" " good morning" they all said " good morning" i said as i was sitting in between harry and zayn "so what are we doing today" zayn asked liam  " how about we all go to the beach?" liam said " that sounds great" they all said " well i got to go see you boys later" i said as i was about to stand up zayn pulled me down from my waist "where are you going love" zayn asked " up to my room" i said " sorry love but your hanging out with us today' zayn said " well okay let me go change" i said as i went upstairs to my room and put on my bathing suit and headed downstairs where 5 shirtless boys where waiting for me in my living room thry were all staring at me " take a picture it will last longer" i said " well lets get ready" they all said as we headed to the beach we all seattle down we all went to go get wet we where all having the time of our lives till the sun was setting down we all headed to my huge mansion -----------------------

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