The Marked

There is no greater hell than wanting to die but not being able to. Gideon Anderson is my name, and killing others is my game. I am a marked one, those damned for all eternity for something, they don't tell us what we did, only what they want from us.
NOTE: This movella contains graphic material, scens of violence and profuse language use. Not suggested for those opposed to such material; read with caution.


3. The Unexpected

   Gideon got back to his apartment without any particular trouble, but that wasn't what was bothering him, no what was bothering him was something a bit more normal in a way. He only felt this way a few times in his short life, mostly since that day long ago. He never really figured out what it was. Slamming the door to his apartment he kicked off his shoes and wandered to the couch. Shedding his coat and the dirtied socks on his feet, he stretched out on the couch.

   "God," he commented aloud "I'm so freaking bored!" His body twisted as he lay down on the couch, his eyes coming to rest on the sight of the neuse he left hanging there. He took out the switchblade in his pocket and slit the tip of his index finger out of boredom. He watched it bleed. "They say the sight of blood makes you feel alive, something about that deep crimson color and smell of iron," he thought to himself. "So, do you feel as though you are alive?" the voice in his head asked. "No," Gideon said aloud, "I don't feel alive, I don't feel anything actually." His blood wasn't even red anymore, no it had ever since that day run black. As black as pen ink. "Hell with this!" He shouted "I'm going out, I need to do something!" With that he stood up and was about to throw on his shoes when he heard a loud crash out side the hall followed by a high pitched scream that was quickly muffled. He ran to the door and threw it open in time to see two masked guys dragging something into the apartment across from him.

   "What the hell?" Gideon trailed off. One of the guys turned around and looked at Gideon.

   "Stay right there kid," the guy said as he dropped his end of what was a big black bag and turned to face Gideon. He drew a 9mm handgun from his right pocket. "Alright, now, go back into that apartment of yours and there'll be no trouble."

   "Uhuh, you just brightened up my day," Gideon responded as he shifted his stance in preparation to disarm his foe. "So come on, make my day asshole."  What came next was a blur; there was a gunshot and then the sickening sound of a neck being snapped. 

   "Hey Joe, you alright out there?" came the voice of the other masked man from inside the apartment. Silently, Gideon crept into the apartment and ducked into the kitchen. Sure enough the other guy came out of the master bedroom and wandered down the hall. "Joe!?"  The guy slowly walked down the hall. As he got close to the kitchen Gideon slowly crouch-walked around into the dinning room area. The guy walked out of the apartment. 

   "Now's my chance," Gideon thought to himself. With that he sprang to his feet and ran to the door and slammed it shut and locked it. There was an angry yelling from the other side of the door, but Gideon just laughed at the man. "Now let's see what they were dragging." Gideon wandered down to the master bedroom and opened the door. The room was bare; a bureau, a workbench with tools scattered about it and a bed with no sheets. A mattress that was filthy, stained and on the bed was the bag, opened. He crept over to the bag and discovered a sad sight; a girl, bound and gagged lay there in a crumpled heap. "That's disrespectful," Gideon thought to himself. Upon closer inspection, the girl had beautiful long brown hair, she had a slight pale complextion and she was wearing a dress of deep blue. Gideon carefully lifted her from the bag, kicked the bag away and laid her on the bed gently. It was at that point the girl woke up with a start and immediately began to freak out; she kicked and punched at Gideon in hysterics. 

   "Easy!" Gideon spoke alarmed. "Easy, easy, easy. Now look I'm not going to hurt you." he whispered gently to the girl as he hugged her tight so she'd calm down. She began to cry and Gideon looked her in the eyes; she had beautiful blue-green eyes. "Hey, it's gonna be alright. Now look, if I take the gag out and unbind your hands will you promise not to scream or hit me?" She nodded slowly, still crying. Gideon removed her gag and began to untie her hands. "My name's Gideon, what's yours?"

   "Lucinda, but all my friends call me Lucy," the girl replied. 

   "Lucy, eh? That's a nice name, my name's Gideon" he smiled. "Okay you're free now," he whispered as he stood up. Gideon felt something he hadn't felt in a while; warmth. He actually felt warm on the inside and he registered the more pronounced beating of his heart; he felt like he was alive again, truly alive.

   Lucy looked up into the eyes of her savior as he stood up, he had pale blue, almost steel colored eyes. He had somewhat long hair that resembled a medium almost lightly roasted coffee color. The hair itself was a combination of straight with minor curls here and there. He was wearing a beat up T-shirt that had a slight tear in it, he wore faded blue jeans, but he was bare footed. He appeared to have a slight build to him and his voice was soothing to her with a minor edge in it. 

   "Alright, well it isn't safe to stay here so let's get out of here," Gideon broke the silence. He immediately went to the doorway and then looked back. "You coming?" he asked nonchalantly. Before she could answer there was a loud bang and crash as the door to the apartment finally gave into the constant smashing inflicted on it by the second masked gunman. He charged towards the bedroom, gun drawn. Gideon out of instinct dropped to the floor and then launched himself at the assailant. 

   Lucy watched from the bed, looking at the doorway and all she saw was Gideon drop to the floor and seemingly lunge down the hall. Then there were the gunshots. Then, absolute silence, followed by footsteps. Lucy cringed at the sound, she feared that the assailant had just killed Gideon in the hallway and he was there bleeding out. The footsteps got closer and closer; a shadow began to grow on the wall. Lucy, paralyzed in fear just shut her eyes tight and waited for the hands of her captor to be upon her as he would begin to forcibly have his way with her.

   "Lucy.. Are you okay?" 

   She opened her eyes. It was Gideon. She smiled a smile of absolute relief and answered. "Yes, I'm fine! I was worried about you." She noticed the wound in Gideon's left shoulder. "Ah!" she squeaked "You've... You've been shot!" Gideon wrapped his good arm around her and smiled.

   "This is nothing, I've had worse," he answered. "Now let's get you out of here. C'mon my apartment is just across the way, we can get you all squared away there and I can clean up a bit." She took his hand and followed him out of the room; the assailant lay in a crumpled heap on the side of the hallway, his gun pointed at his chest with a hole in him right about where his heart ought to have been. She continued to follow Gideon to his apartment across the hall.

   "Now, you'll have to excuse me, my apartment is a mess and some of my decorations are a bit morbid," he lied through his teeth. Gideon led Lucy to the Guest bedroom and sat her on the bed. Okay, the phone's right there if you need to call anybody, and I'll be in the next room if you need me." With that Gideon left her alone and walked into his room and closed the door. He pulled the bullet out and bandaged the wound as he thought to himself, "Well this is unexpected, I now have a guest, and a nice looking one at that. Quite the unexpected."

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