The Marked

There is no greater hell than wanting to die but not being able to. Gideon Anderson is my name, and killing others is my game. I am a marked one, those damned for all eternity for something, they don't tell us what we did, only what they want from us.
NOTE: This movella contains graphic material, scens of violence and profuse language use. Not suggested for those opposed to such material; read with caution.


5. The First Day Together

   Gideon approached the kitchen and found Lucy already sitting at the small table, smiling as he approached. He couldn't help but feel that warm feeling creep back into him and he smiled at her in return. She looked so nice in the dress, all barefoot and all made her seem so natural as if she was spawned from nothing more than the soil of the earth and its oceans. He managed to get to the stove when he turned around and looked at her.

   "Alright so what do you want for breakfast?" he asked in a normal tone.

   "Hmm, let's see..." she trailed off in thought, truly she was hungry but she wasn't sure what to have, the last time someone had given her a choice was when she was deciding on whether or not to accept this job she had found in the paper and gone to. The recruitment guy liked her so much he assured her she'd be a shoe in for the job though they didn't specify on what the job was. She soon found out when she was abducted and sold on a slave market to the highest bidder as a sort of slave. It was horrible, she was collared and had a tracer put on her. She quickly went from house servant to strictly a slave of intimacy. Finally she had come to the breaking point when that day occurred that led her into Gideon's arms.

   "Hey? Are you in there?" Gideon asked, breaking Lucy from her thought.

  "Huh, What?" Lucy replied in a daze. Gideon laughed and managed to chuckle out, "Man you are a spacer." She just smiled as she noticed the half empty can of Coke on the counter. "Oh so you're gonna laugh at my spacing?" She responded. "Then here, have an acid Bath!" she exclaimed as she dumped the remainder of the can's contents all down Gideon's head and body.

  "Ahh, Stop it," he giggled trying to get the can away from her. "God it's sticky and it kind of stings you know!" He laughed , eyes closed trying to keep the Coke out of his eyes as he blindly grabbed for the can. There was a squeal and the sound of falling metal chairs as everything seemed to topple sideways. When Gideon was able to open his eyes without them stinging he was aware of what all the noise had been. He had bumped into the chair Lucy was in and sent the both of them flying. He had the can in his hand.

   "Ha, I got the can!" he shouted, rejoicing. 

   "And, you've got me," Lucy replied smiling. "Now would you kindly get off?" Gideon looked down and immediately became both horrified and embarrassed. He was on top of Lucy laying chest to chest. His breathing immediately became stressed as he launched himself off of her and fell against the opposite wall. She stood up laughing.

   "Oh my god, I'm soo sorry," He pleaded. "I didn't mean for that to happen. I didn't hurt you did I?"

   "Oh no," she replied smiling. "I'm fine." She said placing the chair back where it was. "It was all my fault anyway." she giggled. "however, you did get my dress dirty and I'm all sticky now too." Gideon just stared at her, "She's actually okay with what happened?" he questioned himself in his mind. "Usually that would've gotten me a slap or punch or something." He was blushing of embarrassment so badly at that point.

   "Gideon,it's okay," Lucy spoke. "That was an accident, and besides, I've been through much worse." She pulled away and looked him over, he was covered in the sticky syrup that made up the soda from his hair which was now all crust and stuck together to his body which now looked like he had tree sap rivulets running down him onto his jeans and his bare feet. He was a mess, which made her giggle. She herself wasn't as bad, her dress took almost all of it. The rest ended up on her face or in her hair. "Gideon, go take a shower," she suddenly said. "You need it more than I do, I can just wash it off my face and out of my hair in the sink."

   "You sure?" Gideon responded. "It was my fault, I feel as though you should go first." He walked up to her and drew a finger across her face. "Looks like I'll have let you borrow some clothes until I can get your dress washed." Returning to Gideon's room Lucy Immediately began to go through Gideon's shirt and pants drawers. Finally she decided on a a beat up old, faded red T-Shirt with the word "Redemption" stenciled across it in Gothic styled text. She also absconded with a pair of his faded bluejeans to which she had to borrow a belt; she took the belt with bullets running along it.

   "How do I look?" she asked, as she came out of the bathroom from changing and into Gideon's room.

   "I don't know when you looked more beautiful, in the dress or now that you are in some decent clothing," he smirked.

   "Jerk," she grinned, chucking a towel at him. "Alright, your turn," she smiled as he got up and moved passed her towards the bathroom. He handed her some soap, and a brush.

   "Here, go clean your hair and face," he replied as he closed the door to the bathroom behind him. There was a click as the door was locked.

   "Aw he's no fun," she thought to herself as she walked to the kitchen sink.

   Gideon locked the door, turned and got the water running. once the water was warm enough he turned on the shower head and drew the curtain. However he himself stood there for a minute listening to the water before he unbuttoned his pants and dropped them in the hamper. The underwear followed suit as he stepped into the shower and began to scrub himself down. He quickly scrubbed himself clean and washed his hair thoroughly  but when he finished he just stood there in the shower as the water pounded against his body, thinking. "This can't be happening," he thought. "I can't get attached to her, or she'll always be in danger, besides worrying about her will make me lose focus, and a trained killer cannot lose focus." He continued to stand there thinking. Finally after what seemed like forever he shut off the water and stepped out. Drawing the towel around himself he looked around, "Aw Shit," he whispered. "I forgot to bring in clean clothes with me." He didn't want Lucy to see him in just a towel, it was too embarrassing for him at this stage. "So this is how the first day together is gonna go, great..."

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