The Marked

There is no greater hell than wanting to die but not being able to. Gideon Anderson is my name, and killing others is my game. I am a marked one, those damned for all eternity for something, they don't tell us what we did, only what they want from us.
NOTE: This movella contains graphic material, scens of violence and profuse language use. Not suggested for those opposed to such material; read with caution.


4. Dying Is Easy, Living is Hard

   When he finished bandaging the wound in his shoulder Gideon sat there on his bed for a little bit. His mind swirled with thoughts that he couldn't comprehend. Why was this girl making him feel warm, feel... alive? It was confounding to him for Gideon had never felt this way, not now or when he was alive. 

   "I must be loosing my goddamn mind," Gideon whispered to himself in an almost unintelligible muttering. Gideon was pondering his thoughts so intently he never noticed that the girl had left the room and was now on the bed with him until her hands wrapped around each of his arms and her head came to rest on his left shoulder. 

   "You okay Gideon?" Lucy asked quietly. "You seem lost about something." She loved the feeling of Gideon's skin; it was smooth, cool to the touch and the minor muscle tone hidden underneath made her feel safe in his grasp. 

   "Huh? What?" Gideon responded dazed having been snapped out of his thoughts. "Yeah, Uh...Yeah I'm fine, just a little tired is all," he lied. "Let's just say today's been a long day." He let himself fall back onto his bed. He put his hands behind his head and exhaled a deep sigh. Lucy looked Gideon over quickly and then she too laid down on the bed beside Gideon, letting her head come to rest on his bare chest. She listened to the rhythm of his heartbeat, it was faint but detectable. In a way it was soothing to her, almost as soothing as a lullaby. Gideon just looked at her from the corner of his eye surprised at first, but then he smiled and just went with it. "Jesus," he thought, "Either she's really horny and is trying to start something or she's really exhausted and thankful that she's still breathing and not in a body bag or being raped by two sleaze balls." He really didn't care either way because she was making him feel this way and he kind of liked it. Suddenly Gideon noticed that Lucy's breathing had become more deeper and paced meaning she was falling asleep.

   "Hey," Gideon murmured, "You know if you're tired you should go rest in the guest bedroom." She smiled a drowsy grin and responded with a yawn.

   "But I like my human pillow, and your sheets are so comforting, almost like being on a cloud. Can't I stay?" she asked in a minorly teasing manner. Gideon smiled, it was definite; she liked him and there was no way Gideon was going to let this natural high come crashing down.

   "Okay, you can sleep here," he responded, "let me just go lock the apartment door." He got up and quickly walked down to the door to the apartment and locked it. On the way back he caught sight of the neuse. He looked down the hallway and seeing no obvious movement he quickly cut down the neuse and threw it on the coffee table and returned to the bedroom and shut the door behind him. Lucy was already laying there, her shoes and socks off just laying on the bed waiting for him. He smiled and rolled onto the bed and settled beside her. Almost immediately she replaced her head on his bare chest and put one of his arms around her and together they slowly drifted off to sleep.


   Gideon awoke in a chair that he was being forcibly bound to by wrist and ankle restraints. The leather and metal surfaces of the chair felt rough, dry and cracked along with cold and artificial. He couldn't believe it he was knocked unconscious and they just strapped him to a chair still only in his underwear, how belittling and undignified this was.

   "Ugh, my head," he groaned in pain as the world came into focus around him. His eyes came to rest on the reflective lenses of stereotypical Men in Black style agent sunglasses. The man was tanned and appeared to have a buff build to him. He wore the standard Black suit and tie those government officials always wore.

   "Good, you're up," Now we begin proper introductions. the man said in a deep low toned voice. "My name is Alexander Percival." He looked at Gideon to see if Gideon's body language would tell him anything. For a kid he didn't show any obvious tells that he was uncomfortable or even unnerved about the situation he was in.

   "Alright Alex, want to tell me why I'm in only freaking underwear? Or how about where the fuck am I?" Gideon answered,

   "I suppose I owe you that much," Alexander replied. "You, Gideon Anderson were pronounced dead by medical examiners last Tuesday at 6:38 pm and buried two days ago. We exhumed your body and your friend's and through our technologies have returned you to a "living" status. You are now part of an organization that serves to preserve the balance of the world between humans and the not so human. There is no turning back, you either accept the gift we've given you and take on the responsibilities or we can put you back in the ground."

   "Alright, I suppose that explains the capsule I was in so why the fuck would you save two kids?" Gideon asked. 

   "Simply put, It's easier to train youth and their developing bodies and mind allow for easier adaptation to the genetic mutation processes our agents must undergo. By the way your friend has already said yes to this so he's good."

   "I have no reason to help you creeps," Gideon responded angrily. "You've got nothing."

   "Not true you see because your brother fits the genetic profile we need for the project so we could just kill you and take him, it's up to you Gideon," Alex answered in a superior tone. 

   Gideon mulled it over in his head for a bit. He really didn't want to be dead and he sure as hell didn't want some creeps taking his brother from his mother. "Fine, I'll do it, but on my terms!"

   "And those would be?" Alex replied.

   "You will protect mine and Lucian's family. You will not fucking touch my brother! And Lucian and I must be partners for this to work. Finally, we will cover this regional area because we know it best. In exchange I'll do whatever the hell kind of testing you want. So deal asshole?" Gideon finished.

   "You've got a deal Gideon Anderson," Alex replied. "I'll be your official handler, oh and one more thing Gideon; Dying comes easy, it's living that's hard."


Gideon awoke from his dream or rather recurring memory to find Lucy still curled up next to head on his chest, and he smiled just looking at her in the dress made him think of those fairy tales his mother would read to him when he was a little kid. She stirred and looked at Gideon and smiled.

   "Morning Gideon," she whispered smiling. 

   "Morning Lucy, who'd you sleep?" he asked. 

   "Like a rock, you know your body makes the perfect pillow." She smiled sitting up. Gideon smiled at her and sat up next to her. A sudden shock came over him, before he knew it Lucy was kissing him on the lips. He blushed at first but then took it in and went with it, finally parting he asked, "Want breakfast?"

   "Oh you bet, I haven't eaten since yesterday morning and it wasn't much," Lucy answered as she lept up and wandered out to the kitchen. Gideon just looked after her as she left the room. As he got up he stepped on the bullet he took out of himself and he immediately became sullen. "Alex is right, Dying is easy, Living is hard." With that he wandered out to the kitchen to make breakfast.

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