Coming Home

In the early 20th Century, the United States went through a dizzying pace of change; for some people the pace of change was too much, as with the case of the child that you will soon meet and his desperate journey to get home from where he has come from.

NOTE: Launguage use is prevelant, along with some scenes of violence and some descriptions may be found minorly disturbing. (Also, my sense of grammar is somewhat poor so please accept that, and enjoy.)


1. The Journey Home

   The boy sat alone on the shores of a beach quietly gazing into eternity, weeping. A lone person, in a uniform as blue as the sea, noticed the child and sat down next to him.

   “What’s with the long face son?” The man asked. Shivering, the child said nothing. Seeing the boy shivering the man removed his jacket and hung it around the boy’s shoulders. “Better now?” he asked. The young blonde looked into the soulful eyes of the elder gentlemen. The boy noticed the man’s pale complexion, withdrawn eyes seemingly without any hint of human essence. At the same time the man noticed the otherworldly pale complexion of the child, with his wild growing blonde hair. The hair seemed dark, and somewhat crusted as though it was seaweed. The biggest thing though was how the boy seemed soaked. “Why are you soaked little one?” The old man asked. “Are you a drowned specter?”

   “Not drowned, just soaked,” The boy replied quietly. “Do I look that dead?” Returning his attention to the sea, the child continued to speak. “Are you suggesting that I’m dead?”

   The man’s expression darkened, “No, that’s not what I meant at all… Not what I meant at all.” The boy looked up at the man and answered solemnly, “But sir, I am dead… On the inside at least.” The boy looked at himself and then at the cold sea. “I tried to… you know… But I couldn’t.”

   The man sighed, dusted himself off, and went to his car. Walking over to his car he grabbed some restraints and a handgun just in case things went bad, after all other escaped patients in the past tended to be violent. He returned to the boy cautiously. “Son, you’re going to have to come with me now,” The man quietly spoke out. The boy stood up, and a sinister smile grew across the boy’s otherwise innocent face.

   “Do they miss me at the Sanitarium doctor? Are they afraid of me?” The boy asked in a sinisterly chilling tone, still smiling. The boy turned away from the doctor to look at the sea for a moment. “Why did they all die while I survived? God I miss them.” Before the man could answer, the boy darted past the man heading for the cliffs.

   “You’re not quitting on me like that you insolent child,” the man whispered angrily. Withdrawing his gun he fired two shots, one of which hit the boy but the child kept running. “Dammit all, I’ll have to give chase,” The man cursed quietly running after the child.

   Approaching the edge of the cliff, the child listened to the lulling noise of the waves crashing on the rocks below. He held his left arm with his good arm wincing from the pain, his once white sleeve staining deep crimson as the boy continued to walk. “Is life really gone? Or has it just been wasted?” The boy whispered to himself. Suddenly the boy felt numb immediately followed by an almost unbearable searing pain as a third shot rang out sending him collapsing to the ground. Knowing who fired the gun the child turned around to find the barrel of the doctor’s handgun pointed in his face.

    The boy spat some blood on the nearby rocks before looking the doctor straight in the eyes. “Just shoot me doc, end it all here. I’d be one less pain the Sanitarium would have to worry about escaping,” the boy coughed out still smiling. The doctor replied smiling his disarming smile, slowly approaching the child with the restraints.

    “Now, now no need to talk like that we need you at the Sanitarium, so no, you are not ending it here,” the man quietly responded to the child. “The research I’ve been conducting on you children and you in particular is crucial in understanding the mind. You are too valuable to be cast aside now.”

   “I’m not going to be treated as a lab rat anymore doctor,” the boy replied with defiance. “You know the best part doc? You can’t do a damn thing about it.”

    The doctor grew angry and fired a fourth shot. “You are coming back to us whether you want to or not, you insolent brat,” the doctor growled, as he got closer with the jacket. The boy laughed off the pain exposing his blood stained teeth to the air for a brief moment before in a sarcastic manner responding to the doctor.

   “Let me go doc, just let me go,” the boy groaned sarcastically as he leapt for the edge of the cliff. The doctor found himself lunging at the boy, before he realized his mistake; the boy was standing up!

   “I told you,” the boy chuckled darkly, “I’m not going back!” In that moment the boy tripped the doctor sending him sprawling over the cliffs into the rock laden sea below. The boy looked over the edge at the newly forming red spot in the water smiling to himself before quietly whispering sinisterly to himself as if to mock the doctor, “We lose so many that way…”  The boy looked up into the gray October sky. “Mother I’ll be home soon. I hope you can forgive me for all this.”

   The next day the body of a doctor from the local sanitarium was found by local authorities washed up on shore. The official report dubbed his death as a suicide. Later on the body of a small, pale boy was found in the town cemetery several blocks from the cliffs where the suicide took place. The boy lay under the statue of a large winged angel. There was a note in the boy’s hand and it read as the following; “My name is Simon James Tucker, I am now fifteen years old. For four years I was a prisoner of the ‘Johnston Institute for Troubled Women and Children.’ Now, I am free from all pain, so do not cry for me. I lay under the angel that houses my family and all I ask is to be laid to rest here. I know I will die alone, but loved.” When the boy was found, and buried there was one noticeable thing about the child, there was a smile of peaceful content on his face. Why the smile? Simple; He was finally home.










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