One Night Part 2

The follow on from 'One Night Part 1'

What will happen to Louise and Charlie?


6. The Call

My hands were shaking as I picked up the phone.

Charlie dialled the number and we both sat there, on the sofa, waiting for someone on the other end to answer. Then there was a rusty sound that came out the speaker.


It was Dad. Oh no...

'Hi, Daddy, it's Louise,' I say into the telephone, shaking like a leaf.

'Hello my little girl!' Dad cries, sounding full of happiness. Not for long...

'Hi, Daddy! Um, is Mummy there at all?' I ask, hoping that she is.

'No, sorry poppet, Mummy just ran out to the shops. Is there something I can help you with?' Dad asks, sounding a little annoyed I didn't want to talk to him.

'Well, it's just, me and Charlie have some exciting news to tell you and Mummy.' 

'Well, what is it then my dear?' 

I took a breath. Here goes nothing.

'I'm pregnant.'

There was a long pause at the other end. Charlie looked at me, leaning forward with his eyebrows raised, as if to say 'Well?'

'Daddy? Are you still there?' I say into the phone. It's all gone deadly quiet.

Suddenly, I hear a thump, like someone has fallen over.

'Daddy? Daddy!' I yell. What's happened to him?

Then I hear the door slam, followed by the unforgettable sound of my mother.

'I'm home!' she cries.

She gets closer to the phone where she gives out a piercing scream. 

'Mummy! MUMMY!' I scream into the phone. 'Mummy, the phone. Pick up the phone it's me, Louise! Mummy what's happened?! MUMMY!' I am screaming and crying. I want to be there. To help Daddy and make sure he is OK. Charlie tries to comfort me but I push him away.

Mum comes to the phone.

'Louise? Louise what happened darling?' Mum says into the phone, panic in her voice.

'I don't know Mummy. I called Daddy and told him some news and then there was no reply and there was a thump on the floor! Is he OK Mummy? Does he have a heart beat?'

'Don't worry dear, I'm sure your father is just fine! Let me check his heart and head,' Mum replies, putting the phone on what sounds like the carpet and checking Daddy out. 

'Ronald? Ronald can you hear me? Ronald! No! No no no! RONALD!' Mum screams. This is awful. It's like I have gone blind. I can hear what's happening but I can't see it.

'Mummy? Mummy what's happened? What's happened to Daddy?!' I cry.

Mum comes to the phone.

'He hasn't got a heart beat! He's dead! He's dead! What do I do? Louise help me! What do I do?' Mum screams into the phone. It sounds like she is crying as well.

'Just calm down Mummy. Calm down. Now, call an ambulance right away and I will meet you up at the hospital, OK?' I instruct her, trying not to explode with worry.

'OK right right. Phone an ambulance. Got it. Bye darling!  Bye!'

Then there was silence. She was gone.

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