One Night Part 2

The follow on from 'One Night Part 1'

What will happen to Louise and Charlie?


1. Morning Sickness

It's been a few weeks now since Charlie and I found out I was pregnant.

Charlie, of course, is over the moon, saying this was a sign that we are ready, and that everything will be fine....but I'm not sure. I mean, I'm happy that Charlie is so excited about it all, but there is a part of me that is thinking 'this isn't right.'

We find out what gender the baby is next week. Charlie hopes it's a boy, but I've always wanted a little girl.  


'Hello gorgeous!' Charlie says as he creeps into our room. I've been suffering with very bad morning sickness at the moment, so I have been ordered to stay in bed by Charlie. He comes in regularly and checks to see if I'm OK, always bringing with him a cup of hot chocolate and a packet of sweets. They're all I can keep down lately. I know it sounds silly, but if I even smell anything apart from sweets, I instantly vomit everywhere. 

I struggle to sit up to greet Charlie, but he only pushes me back down again.

'No, babe, you need to rest,' he says, as he strokes my hair and gently pushes me back down into my fluffy duck-down pillow.

'Charlie,' I mumble, 'I don't think we are read-'

'We are ready Lou,' Charlie interrupts me, taking me by the hand. 'This was a sign. A sign that we are ready. Now rest and go to sleep.'                        

As he goes to leave the room, I shout out 'Charlie!'

He rushes over to me, panic in his eyes.

'What is it Lou? Are you OK?'

Seeing him looking so worried started to make me laugh.

'What?' he asks, looking a little hurt, 'Were you joking?'

'Charlie, stop being such a worry-guts, I'm fine!' I giggle, stroking his cheek with my hand. 'I was just going to say..'

I took a deep breath.

Charlie smiled at me.

'When are we going to tell our parents?'

Charlie's face fell. 

'Well,' he mumbled, looking away from me.

'We are going to have to tell them sometime, Charlie. We can't keep it a secret from them forever,' I say.

'I know, I know. Well, why don't we tell them next week, when we find out what gender the baby is? That way we can tell them straight, that we are having a child and this is the gender,' Charlie suggests, looking into my eyes.

'OK, we will do that then,' I say, smiling weakly.

'Now go to sleep you little munchkin, and I will talk to you later. Sweet dreams. I love you,' Charlie says, getting off the bed, putting the sweets and hot chocolate down next to me and heading for the door.

'I love you too,' I whisper, and I settle down and fall instantly asleep.

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