One Night Part 2

The follow on from 'One Night Part 1'

What will happen to Louise and Charlie?


3. Gender And Date

As I knocked on the midwife's door, Charlie came and opened it for me.

'There you are, Lou! I was wondering where you had got to!' Charlie said, smiling at me.

What? He knew where I had gone?

'You knew where I was. I went to the toilets?' I questioned him, shaking my head and coming inside.

The room was very dark, with a desk, a small screen and a large seat in the middle, the sort you see at the dentist. There was a woman sitting at the desk, looking at a computer. Obviously the midwife. She turned round, saw me and smiled. It was a friendly smile, not a 'I'm going to be nosy and ask you lots of questions smile'. A proper smile. 

'Hello. You must be Louise?' she asked, standing up and shaking my hand.

I nodded.

'And this is your partner Charlie, is that correct?' she asked again, this time looking at Charlie.

'That's right,' Charlie replied, also shaking her hand.

'I am Doctor Helen White, your midwife. Let's take a look at your baby shall we?'

Helen laid out her hand for me to take a seat on the big chair in the middle.

I sat down in the chair and Charlie came and stood next to me. 

Helen had long brown hair and dark brown eyes, with a sparkle in both.

'Now, I'm just going to rub this gel on your tummy. It might be a bit cold, so be warned.' Helen turned around and started to rub this blue jelly-like stuff on my belly.

I let out a small yelp of surprise. She was right. It was cold.

Helen chuckled to herself, 'Yes, we get that a lot.'

I looked up at Charlie and he smiled down at me. I was now actually quite excited.

'Now then, let's take a look....' Helen said, getting out what looked like a scanner which was connected to the screen in the corner. She pressed quite hard down onto the gel and started moving it around.

After a few minutes, the screen showed the baby. My baby. Helen showed us where the head was, the hands, feet and back. She then asked us the dreaded question.

'Would you like to know what gender it is?'

I looked at Charlie. Charlie looked at me. We both nodded.

'Yes please,' I said.

'OK then, well it's a...hold on?' Helen looked at the screen again, so did Charlie and I.

Suddenly, there were two moving objects on the screen. One was the baby we were just shown, and the other was something else. Something much smaller. It looked like a random lump, like it wasn't meant to be there.

'What is it?' I asked, my heart thumping wildly.

Helen looked at me, then Charlie, then back to me again.

'It''s another baby,' she replied.

'So, we're...we're having twins?' Charlie asked, sounding both excited and nervous.

'Yes, but, that baby shouldn't look like that. It hasn't been formed properly. It doesn't look like it should. You see this baby,' Helen says, pointing to the first baby.

Charlie and I both nodded.

'This is what the other baby should look like, but it doesn't...' Helen trailed off.                                  'So, what's going to happen to it?' Charlie asks.

'I'm sorry to say, but, if this baby doesn't form properly before it is born, the chance of it surviving at birth are very slim. However, if it does survive, it is highly possible that it will be disabled it's whole life. Not being able to walk, talk, look around. It will be a total, well, vegetable,' Helen tells us.

'What about the other baby? What will happen to that one?' I ask.

'Well, looking at the results here, this baby should be fine, but if it is born after the dis-formed baby, then the umbilical cord may get caught around it's neck, strangling it before it's even born.'

Suddenly, I just brake down. Charlie tries to comfort me, but it's no use this time. I put my head in my hands and cry and cry and cry. Helen tries to tell me that it will all be alright, but I am tired of people telling me that. 

'This time, things aren't going to be alright. Things are just getting worse and worse. I am carrying two babies. Twins. One hasn't formed properly yet and the chances of it surviving are slim. If it does survive it will be a total vegetable! If the correctly formed baby is born last then it might get strangled at birth. And what about me? What's going to happen to me? I am the one who has to carry these babies around for nine months! Will I get infected? Will I die at childbirth? This is all too much. I can't take it!' I scream.

Charlie and Helen look quite shocked. I had been playing it so calm up till then. But I just lost it.

'Can you at least tell me what the genders of my babies are please!' I yell, tears rolling down my face.

'Yes well, the formed one is a.......boy,' Helen says.

I can tell Charlie is smiling his face off next to me.

'And the dis-formed one?' I ask. 

Please don't be a girl. Please don't be a girl. Please don't be....

'The dis-formed one is a girl,' Helen replies.

I sigh. Of course it is. Of course it's a girl. Why wouldn't it be? Everything else in my life is going wrong. So this just tops it off.

Charlie rubs me on the back. I can tell he is feeling sorry for me.

'When are they due?' He asks.

'They are both due 29th April,' Helen confirms.

I stand up.

'Thanks for that lovely news then, Helen. See you soon!' I cry, and I walk straight out of the door, Charlie following me.


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