The bad boy (Zayn Malik)

A new bad boy has moved to Amy's school. His label is "Bad boy." Rumor has it, he has done more than four crimes. Everyone is scared of him. Not Amy. Amy finds him interesting, and when she gets him as partner in an english assiement, she takes the chance to get him to know him better. But they end up kissing, but what will it lead to? Her dad will never aprove, no one will. What will happend?


2. Zayn Malik

"Woow!" I gasped, as I stepped down from Zayn's motorcycle. "Is this your house?" I said, and looked at a huge villa. "Yeah, my dad is a musican." He said, and smiled. It was the first time I had seen him smile. "Why do you play so harsh, anyway?" I asked curiously. He looked at me. "I like people to respect me. And if you scare them, than it helps." He said, as we walked in, and showed me his room, and I sat down on his bed. "You don't scare me." I said. He smiled back. "Well, that's new." He said. I looked at him. "You're not that scary though." I said, and stared into his nice brown eyes. "Should we begin studying?" He asked. I notted, and we began studying. "Is it true, that you have been in prison?" I asked. He began laughing so hard. "Hahahahahaahahahahha no! Guess I really scare people!" He laughed. I faked a laugh. "Haha..." I said, and continued studying.



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