The bad boy (Zayn Malik)

A new bad boy has moved to Amy's school. His label is "Bad boy." Rumor has it, he has done more than four crimes. Everyone is scared of him. Not Amy. Amy finds him interesting, and when she gets him as partner in an english assiement, she takes the chance to get him to know him better. But they end up kissing, but what will it lead to? Her dad will never aprove, no one will. What will happend?


3. Good girl

"Amy" Zayn said and put his hand on my lap. "Thank you for helping me so much with this project...." He said and looked at his hand. "Uhmm you-you're welcome Zayn." I said and smiled. He raised his brow. "This is getting kind of gross sweet." He said and looked at me. "Uhm... Yes," I answered. 

After working with him two weeks with this project, I've been so tempted to just kiss him. But he probably sees me as the good girl with good grades and perfect relationship with my whole family. I have never smoked a cigarette in my entire life, and the only alcohol I've tasted is white/red wine and champagne. I have never tasted anything like beer or vodka, since I think it has a stingy smell. 

"So we're done!" I said and gave Zayn a high five, since his hand was waiting for it. "Yea, it's pretty cool." He said. He never really smiled. If he did it was a quick half smile. "I'll walk you out," he said and put his hand on my back. Everytime he touched me, I literally shiffered.

"Thanks Amy," he said and SMILED. Big moment haha.

I looked at him and took my hand on his cheek. And slowly began kissing him. Luckily he kissed me back, and he didn't reject me. That would be awkward .....

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