The bad boy (Zayn Malik)

A new bad boy has moved to Amy's school. His label is "Bad boy." Rumor has it, he has done more than four crimes. Everyone is scared of him. Not Amy. Amy finds him interesting, and when she gets him as partner in an english assiement, she takes the chance to get him to know him better. But they end up kissing, but what will it lead to? Her dad will never aprove, no one will. What will happend?


1. Bad boy

"Have a nice day, honey." My dad said and smiled at me. I smiled back. "Yeah. You too daddy." I responded. I walked out of our door, and walked to school. I listened to my music, and spotted my best friend Tanya. "Amy!" She yelled, and smiled. I ran to her. "Omg I've missed you so much!" I said. She just got home from Haiti after six months. She smiled back. "I've missed you too. Lets get to school." She said and we walked to school. She told me all of the amazing things she did in Haiti. "It was amazing there!" She said. "We should go there, sometime." She smiled. "Together!" She added and smiled even more. "Hmm, maybe!" I said and smiled sad back. "What?" She asked. "I just don't have the money." I said and looked at the ground, while we were going. "Oh", she said, and there we were. Good old school. I suddenly stopped walking and looked across the parking lot. A hot new boy. Black hair, brown eyes, big leather jacket, black jeans, and black vans. I kept staring. "Oh, I wouldn't go there, Amy. Heard he's bad. He has done four crimes, or more!" She said. I looked at her. "Please, that's rumors. His kind of cute." I said and smiled in a satisfied way. "I don't approve!" She said seriously. "Like I care!" I laughed, and we went to our english class. 

We all sat in our classroom. I turned around, and saw the bad boy. I took a deep breath. "What's your name?" I said in a curious way. He looked surprised at me. "Zayn." He said, with a sexy hoarse british accent. "Are you british?" I asked. "Yeah." He answered in a careless cold way. And I turned away again. Zayn.. Zayn... Zayn.. The name got repeated again and again, in my head. He was sexy. He seemed so mature. I wanted to get to know him. I was so curious. And suddenly, my english teacher said. "Zayn and Amy!" She yelled. "You're in group together. Your topic is poverty!" She said. Great.. Something I could relate to! But... Zayn is my partner. YES! I thought. He poked me. "Studying? At my house? After school?" He said with an cold attitude. "Sure.." I said and smiled in a weak way. This was going to be AWKWARD! 

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