Stella Morgan,just graduated high school,goes back to london to visit her family with her BFFs Nikki and Peyton. Her life was dull and boring until her encounter with a famous irish musician.


1. introduction


Stella's POV  

Last day of school!! It was last preriod ,5 minutes to summer break .I could not wait for summer . I am going back to London with my BFFs, Peyton and Nikki . Oh wait , let me introduce myself, My name is Stella Morgan . My dad is from London , my mom died when i was 3 , so i am living in LA with .my BFF Nikki's family because her mom happens to be my dad's sister ( my aunt).Peyton's mom used to be my mom's best friend so during summer we all go back to the UK together .

Ring!!!!!!!! The bell rang everyone ran out of the classroom then the school . I waited at my BMV convertable for Peyton and Nikki .

" Those boots are so last year ! I can't believe people even wear those !" I heard a familar voice say . I turned around to see Peyton and Nikki walk towards me .

"Heyyyyyyyyy , whazup? " i said to them "So send me back and pick me up tommorow to the airport? " Peyton asked "Yea sure,hop in."i replied with a grin

We reached Peyton's house or in another way to say, MANSION!!!!! Her family is loaded . We waved goodbye and went back.

I Parked the car at the side walk then went out of the car with Nikki . "Mom!we're back!"Nikki screamed  

"Hi Aunt Janet " i said happily "what are you so happy about?" she asked "Well i can't wait to go back to London tommorow!!" i said .Then her smile faded "Oh...........,,...about that,i can't go back to London with you girls....."she muttered

"WHAT!?" i said in unison with Nikki. 

Nikki breathe in and said "That's fine, we will send you a post card" and walked away.

Nikki's POV

I can't believe it ...we are not going to London just because of one person does she know how badly i want to go . Why can't is just let me and Stella go alone with Peyton !Suddenly the door cracked open Stella steped in with a concerned look. "G....Go away.." i managed to say 

"Look Nikki we can find a way to make sure we get on that plane together,i'lle call Peyton and ask her does she has any idea what to do ,okay?"That made me smile a little .


~~the next day~~

I sat in my seat , between Peyton and Stella . I can't believe they managed to convince my mom to let us go !!! How great are my best friends.

Stella's POV

We arrived in my father's place we just arrived in London Whew! I hate being on airplanes it is risky just thinking of it.  

I was greeted with hugs and kisses from my uncles and aunts. Oh how i missed them.I entered my uncle's coffee house ,we always help out when ever we are here .

First i went into the bedroom i shared with Nikki and Peyton and unpacked. 

Memories came back in my head of the times i spent decorating with Nikki and Peyton , I had a queen size bed ,walk in closet that is painted red and white ,so is the area around my bed,Nikki's part was painted Blue and her walk in closet was black, and Peyton's part was painted puple and her walk in closet was purple and pink,she was a girly person.

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