Love Me♡

Star Gonzales is a normal girl with a HUGE singing and songwriting talent. Niall Horan discovered her videos on YouTube and commented,"Would you be willing to write a song for us?" EVERYTHING changed. Star flew out yo London to help them as planned. But what happens when they all start falling inlove with her c';?


1. Discovered

Niall Horans POV

As usual, i was looking through YouTube music. I was eating my pancakes when Zayn came rushing in the kitchen,saying,"Quick search this up.!" He handed me a small piece of paper that had written,'What Makes you beautiful-Star Gonzales cover'. "WHY?" Iasked. "Paul gave it to me and told me that shes a REALLY talented 'Young Lady'."Zayn laughed. I chuckled shaking my head . When the video started, Zayn and I were shocked. She shouldnt be on youtube. She belonged in Madison Square Garden and all that shit. "Wow." I said simply,not knowing what to say. "We need her to write a song for us dude. Shes pretty has a wonderfull voice and can write music supposedly." Said Zayn. I saw that she was online and commented,"Hello there Star. You have a killer set of lungs. Well me and the boys heard you can write music? Maybe you can write us a song:)?" Zayn and I waited for her reply. We didnt have to wait long. In 45 seconds she replied,"Sure id love to:D! Where are you and the boys staying?" She asked. I messaged her privately giving her our direction. "K. Your lucky i was planning a trip to London. C;" She replied pplayfully. I replied,"Haha cant wait for you to come c:! Thank you." Then i logged off. "WHY THE HELL DID YOU ASK HER THAT?!"Harry asked,shouting at me and Zayn. Shocked once again,not knowing what to say,Harry spoke again."Thats my ex girlfriend.!" I looked at the rage in Harrys eyes,seeing that this wasnt a prank. "WHAT happened between you two?" Zayn asked. "GO ASK LOUIS!!!!!!"Shouted Harry louder,storming away to his room. I walked in to Louis room and asked,"Lou,whos Star Gonzales to Harry? Ive never seen him this mad before..." Louis faced up from his phone,and told me,"Star Gonzales? She had cancer,her parents died. Harry didnt know that Star had cancer. Harry was at the mall buying Star a gift until a fan went up to Harry and literally snogged him hardcore. Star had recovered and was told she would live.As celebration,she went to the mall too. Sadly,she thought that Harry was cheating on her when she saw them 'Making Out'. Her hair had fallen out and everything so she felt sad and left town for good." Oh crap,what have I done.
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