The Secret

This valentines day Dani wants everything to be different, this year she wants someone to be with her. She's never had a valentine but just before valentines day she meets a cute Irish boy with sparkling blue eyes and a cute British boy with hot brown curls.


13. The Last Chapter

I realized that Niall was the guy for me. Harry made plans with me but he forgot and that's quite a jerkish thing to do. I told Niall about Harry and he said it was okay because I wasn't formally his girlfriend and then he told me that he didn't want me to be his girlfriend and then he said " Danielle, I love you and I know that we haven't know each other very long but I want you to marry me I want you Danielle Kendall to be my wife all you have to do is say yes" I burst out with tears of joy and somehow struggled to say yes. I got the perfect gown and the perfect maid of honour, Cara and somehow Niall got a hold of Harry an made him the best man so he would be jealous! Now my name is Mrs. Danielle Horan!!!

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