The Secret

This valentines day Dani wants everything to be different, this year she wants someone to be with her. She's never had a valentine but just before valentines day she meets a cute Irish boy with sparkling blue eyes and a cute British boy with hot brown curls.


3. The Fight

"Cara I'm going to kill you" I yelled at Cara on my cell phone. " Oh SHUTUP Dani, its your fault for staring at him" "Whatever Cara, you know that when it comes to boys I'm really sensitive" "Well at least I have a boyfriend!" " Oh don't bring Louis into this he has nothing to do with it!" " yeah he offered to set you up." " I hate you Cara never talk to me again." I hung up the phone crawled into my bed and snuggled with Floppy, my bunny. I cried myself to sleep for the next few nights and I couldn't forgive myself for fighting with Cara. We had been best friends ever since preschool!
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