The Secret

This valentines day Dani wants everything to be different, this year she wants someone to be with her. She's never had a valentine but just before valentines day she meets a cute Irish boy with sparkling blue eyes and a cute British boy with hot brown curls.


12. Diall Back Again

I made plans with Niall the day before Valentines Day because I told him I was busy on Valentines Day. He told me he was going to take me to a cute little restaurant. When he picked me up he kissed my hand and gave he a blood red rose and led me to his silver Porsche. He had rose petals on the seats and I don't understand how a man could keep his car so clean! My dad never could, before he crashed into that drunk trucker. Anyways Nialls car smelt nice, looked nice and Niall gave me chocolate hearts! Niall wasn't lying when he said a cute little restaurant first of all cute because they were very into the season of valentines day. Second of all little because they only had 4 tables but luckily they aren't very popular so we didn't have to wait. They were also very superstitious because on the for they had two signs one saying no black cats and the other saying no ladders! At the end of our date Niall ended up getting his car towed so he walked me home and I got cold but I kept it a secret but Niall could tell so he put his jacket over my shoulders and held my hand with a tight grip " I never want to let you go Dani, I love you" "I love you, too Niall" we kissed passionately in the middle of the road until a car honked at us to get out of the way!
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