The Secret

This valentines day Dani wants everything to be different, this year she wants someone to be with her. She's never had a valentine but just before valentines day she meets a cute Irish boy with sparkling blue eyes and a cute British boy with hot brown curls.


5. Back Again

There he was, in aisle 7 looking at the price on Kraft Dinner. The blonde boy was in the store! I think I should talk to him. I walked over to him and said hello. " Well aren't you that girl from the diner?" He said surprisingly. " yes I am I just wanted to say thank you for reminding me that my friend left." " anything to help but I am taking you on a date so you can repay me." "Okay he's my number" I gave him my number on the back of a coupon for plain bagels. " I will see you around and by the way, my name is Niall" " my name is Dani"
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