Crime story

This is my story of how my small town became the target for a crazy serial killer.


1. The beginning.


“Mark! Beth is crying again, give her the teddy bear”. “In a sec!” my husband answered and I got up from the couch irritated and gave her the teddy bear myself. Mark sat beside me and looked worried. “You seem irritated, something wrong?” “It’s just John, I tried to ask for a raise and you know what he did?” “What?” “He laughed, and said there was no chance that was going to happen” I looked down my hands, that rested on my knees. Mark stood up and yelled “What a jerk! After all the hard work you’ve done and extra hours, next time I see him, I swear I’m going to” “What, beat him up? I said sarcastically. “He is my boss and I really need the job, you know that”. “I know, it’s just not fair”. “You know what also isn’t fair?” I said trying to change the subject. “What?” he asked confused. “That you promised you´d make me a coffee and I still haven’t seen it” I said and start laughing. He smiled, “I´ll be right back”. But then he turned around and said “But first I need to ask you something”. “Yeah what is it?” “You know my cousin, Rebecca?” “Yeah” “Well she wants to visit, and stay for a couple days if that’s okay”. “Of course it’s okay, but when?” I asked. “Next Tuesday” “Perfect, I’ll prepare the guestroom”.

Next Tuesday.

I was dressing Beth, when I heard someone ringing the doorbell downstairs. “Mark, she is here, open the door!” I expected to hear a female voice, but that was not case. I walked downstairs with Beth in my hands and looked at the man in our hallway. “What can we help you with” I asked. “It’s our new neighbor, he lives across the street”. Mark said. “Nice to meet you, my name is Taylor” he said and shrug my hand. “Nice to meet you too” I said and gave him a friendly smile. “I just wanted to meet my new neighbors and ask if you know any good places to eat around here.” “Well.. do you know where the supermarket is?” “Yeah” he said. “Right next to the supermarket, there is this great place called ´Joe´s pizza´” “Thank you, I’ll check it out ” he said and then like he just realized I was holding a baby said “aw what’s her name?” “Beth” I answered and he came closer. “Hello Beth, my name is Taylor” and grabbed her little finger. She began crying and I said “Don’t take it personally, she always does that with strangers”. But it wasn’t actually true, she likes everyone, even the mailman. I just think his appearance scared her little. I mean, his clothes are all black and his hair and eyes are dark brown. “I won’t” he finally said and added “But hopefully I’ll get to know you guys and maybe then, she won’t see me as a stranger” “Yeah maybe” I said and smiled. “But I’ll better be going, have a lot to do”.  “Okay bye, Taylor!” “Bye, bye!” Mark closed the door, turned around and gave me a look that I couldn’t figure out. “What?” I said confused. “He was..” Mark began and searched after the right word. “Different” he then said. “Yeah and?” I said more confused than before. “Something just don’t feel right, it’s like he´s too different if you know what I mean” “No, I don’t know what you mean, he is nice guy maybe a little different yeah, but maybe that are exactly what are neighborhood needs” I said. Mark looked at me before saying “Maybe”.

2 hours later

Rebecca had arrived and couldn’t stop talking about her rich husband, their big house with swimming pool and their four cars. I went to the kitchen to prepare some snacks when I looked out the window. Taylor was talking to Miss Smith. She is a old lady, who have lived here, her whole life. She often visits and Beth adores her. I went back with the snacks and we spent the whole night talking and drinking red wine.

2 am

I turned around in bed, unable to sleep while Mark on the other hand was snoring. I took a glass of water in the kitchen and returned to bed, when I heard loud knocking downstairs. “Who could that be in the middle of the night” I thought. “Mark! Wake up someone is knocking on the door!” I yelled nervously. “What is it?” he said. “Someone is knocking on our door, go with me downstairs” He did what I said and the next moment, we stood in front of two police officers. “Sorry to interrupt you in the middle of the night but a woman have been murdered. We think. Well we have no clues yet”. I started crying before even knowing who it was. We just looked at each other and then the police officers, when Mark asked the important question. “Who is it?” “Your neighbor Janet Smith, we are very sorry” I didn’t think, I didn’t even blink. I just fall to the ground and started hysterically crying. Mark went down on his knees and hugged me tight, while brushing my hair with his hand. “Again, we are very sorry, we´ll come back another day!” “Wait” I said. “How did she die?” “Honey, I don’t think it’s a good idea...” Mark said, but I interrupted him. “I want to know” I said determent. “We found her in the bathtub with to sliced wrist and.. and” One of the officers said but couldn’t finish. “And what, what?” I said. The other officer continued “On the wall there was written in blood “See you soon”. See you soon, see you soon I repeated in my head what could that mean? “I have worked with cases like this before, but I’m afraid this case is going to be the hardest to solve” the officer said. And he was right. 

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