You're Famous, So Am I *Completed*

*This is the sequel to 'You're Famous, I'm Not'*
Amber and Emily have decided to go back to London, for a couple different reasons. Their boyfriends are there, and their town has been over run with paparazzi. It was the only thing they could think of to do. But with the boys going on tour soon, and the girls coming with. Anything could happen.


17. Tweeting

*Hours Later*

We've eaten dinner, and talked with our parents. They signed us up for online school. Now it's time for bed. Our sisters finally believe us. Emily and I are in my room, in my bunk bed. Her on top; me on bottom. We're DM-ing our boyfriends on Twitter.

"How was home?" Harry tweets.

"Great. How was the concert tonight?"

"Amazing. I wish you were there. And here with me right now."

"We'll make tomorrows concert. I miss you too. But I also miss my family sometimes."

"I understand. Just, you're my girlfriend; I need you by my side."

"And I need you by my side. Hazza, I love you."

"When you see me again, tell that to me. I want to hear you say it."

"I want you to tell it to me."

"I know. Wait 'till you see me again."

I smile, "Okay. :)"

"Good night, babe."

"Night Hazza." Then I log of. Tossing my phone on to the floor.

"You done?" Emily asks.


"Me too. It was nice."

"Mine too."

"We see them tomorrow."

"Can't wait."

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