You're Famous, So Am I *Completed*

*This is the sequel to 'You're Famous, I'm Not'*
Amber and Emily have decided to go back to London, for a couple different reasons. Their boyfriends are there, and their town has been over run with paparazzi. It was the only thing they could think of to do. But with the boys going on tour soon, and the girls coming with. Anything could happen.


14. Talking In The Tour Bus

*A Few Days Later*

I've lost track of where we are. The boys are tired and sleep more now. Like what they're doing right now. Emily and I completely understand. Right now we're drawing.

"Do you think the boys think we're a burden?" Emily asks.

"I don't think so. They just need their rest. Tour takes a lot out of them. Trust me, when the tour is over, they'll be back to their old selves."

"Okay. Then our boyfriends will spend lots of time with us. And so will the other boys."

I smile, "That's a nice sound. Our boyfriends. Maybe one day we can call them our husbands."

"Shut up. Don't talk of the future. You might jinx it."

"Oh really? I said we'd meet the boys. And then we did."


"I can't wait 'till we get home. To our home."

"Yeah, that's gonna be awesome. We even have an indoor swimming pool. Let's swim in it when we get home."

"Sounds like a plan. The boys can come over too."

"We'll wear bikinis. They'll love it."

I go back to drawing, "Weirdo."

"Hey, you know they will."

I nod, "I know."

She laughs. "All the boys have nicknames, but us."

"Yours can be Em."

"Okay, and yours can be Rosebud. If that's okay. Since, you know..." she trails off.

"It's okay. I'll have to talk about my grandma sometime. I think I'll talk to Harry about her once the tour has ended. It's part of my life I don't want to keep to myself," I look up at her and smile.

She smiles back, "Okay."

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