You're Famous, So Am I *Completed*

*This is the sequel to 'You're Famous, I'm Not'*
Amber and Emily have decided to go back to London, for a couple different reasons. Their boyfriends are there, and their town has been over run with paparazzi. It was the only thing they could think of to do. But with the boys going on tour soon, and the girls coming with. Anything could happen.


38. Last Concert For A While

*That Night*

I'm sad to say, but the last concert is coming to an end. The boys are wrapping up the last song. Oh no, now it's over. Wait, is Zayn going to start talking.

"Um, tonight, Perrie. Who is my girlfriend. Is backstage. With Eleanor, Emily, and Amber. Can you girls come out?"

All us girls look at one another. "Why not?" I say. Then we all walk on to stage. Girls scream. I walk over to Harry; Emily walks over to Niall; Eleanor walks to Louis; Perrie walks to Zayn.

"Perrie, we've been dating for a while. And we've been through a lot. But we've stuck together. I love you so much. There is no other girl I would rather be." He gets down on one knee, and pulls out a little black box. "Perrie Edwards, will you marry me?" he opens the box.

Her eyes well up with tears. "Yes," I hear her say. Screams erupt. Zayn puts the ring on Perrie's finger. Then they kiss. How come everyone is getting married?

*Later That Night*

We still have to drive home, and will get there in a couple of hours. I'm still awake; thinking.

I hear footsteps and turn to see who it is. It's Louis. "Hey Lou."

"Amber, go to bed," he sits down next to me on the couch.

"I can't Boo Bear."

He laughs, "That's the first time you've called me that."


"What's wrong?"

"I don't know. All you boys are getting married. Next it will be Liam. Emily and I are young. Only 16. All you guys are in your 20's."

"Yes. But don't worry. You girls are very mature."

"Age is just a number," says a husky voice. Louis and I look for the source. It's Harry.

"Yeah, what Harry said. Don't let it bug you."

"Okay." Louis and I stand up. "I'll go to bed."

Louis gives me a hug, "Night love."

"Night Boo Bear." Then we all go to our bunks. I let my mind drift to happy things. 

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