You're Famous, So Am I *Completed*

*This is the sequel to 'You're Famous, I'm Not'*
Amber and Emily have decided to go back to London, for a couple different reasons. Their boyfriends are there, and their town has been over run with paparazzi. It was the only thing they could think of to do. But with the boys going on tour soon, and the girls coming with. Anything could happen.


16. Home, Sweet Home

*Hours Later*

The plane lands soon. Just Emily and I on it. "Home. I can't believe we're going home," Emily says.

"Me either. It's been awhile."

"Yeah. Maybe our sisters will finally believe us."

I let out a laugh, and Emily does too. "Yeah."

*A Few More Hours Later*

We're just a few minutes away from our houses. I can't wait, and neither can Emily. These are the people who let us go live in London. Away from everything we've ever known and loved. But we're going back, for a little while, and we're happy.

"This is amazing. Even if it's only for a little less than 24 hours. I'm just glad we can see them again," I say.

Emily nods.

Then our houses come into view, no one is around our houses. Unlike when we left months ago. The car we're in drives up my driveway. We get out, grab our bags, and then go to the front door. I ring the doorbell. It opens to reveal my mom. "Girls! Come in, come in."

We walk in. She then closes the door. "Hello mom," Emily and I both say. Yeah, we call each other's parents 'mom' or 'dad'.

The next thing I now, my mom's arms are around Emily and I. "I missed you girls." She lets go of us and just looks at us. All the other parents come into the front room. I run to my dad, while Emily runs to her dad. Embracing them in huge hugs.

"Hi daddy," I say.

"Hello," he says.

I let go and look over at Emily, both her parents are hugging her. After a few more seconds, they let go. "Where's are sisters?" I ask.

"In the living room," Emily's mom answers.

Emily and I nod, then everyone starts walking to the living room. Once there, our sisters look at us. I can't read their faces. "Hi," Emily says.

"Hey," Sabrina says.

"We're going to go make dinner. You girls talk," my mom says. Then the parents leave.

Emily and I sit down on the love seat, while our sisters sit on the big couch. "So," Autumn says.

"What?" I say.

"Where have you been?"

"You're kidding?" Emily asks.

"No one's told you?" I ask.

"Plenty of people have told us many things," Sabrina says.

"You ran away. You went to live with One Direction. Tons of things. We want to know from you," Autumn says.

I let out a sigh, "In London, we ran into Harry and Niall. I promise you. Every day we were out exploring London alone, we were with them. The last day we were in London, they came to the hotel. We swam and then hung out in our room. They even asked us out."

"I'll take it from here," Emily says. "When we left, everything was good. No one knew it was us. Then all the reporters came. The only option we could do is go to them. We've been on tour with them, too. It's been an amazing rollercoaster ride."

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