You're Famous, So Am I *Completed*

*This is the sequel to 'You're Famous, I'm Not'*
Amber and Emily have decided to go back to London, for a couple different reasons. Their boyfriends are there, and their town has been over run with paparazzi. It was the only thing they could think of to do. But with the boys going on tour soon, and the girls coming with. Anything could happen.


15. America

*Who Knows How Long*

~In America~

We are in America! Home sweet home. Even though after this the tour is almost over. We even get to stay in hotels. But we're going to a new city, so we're in a tour bus. We even convinced the boys to let us fly home. I called and told them; apparently they're going to sign us up for online school. Which Emily and I are cool.

Right now I'm looking out the window. "You taking in your home country's land?" I hear Harry's husky British voice whisper in my ear.

"Yeah," I say.

"It's beautiful."

"I know. That's why I love it," I turn to him. "We get to the airport in a few hours. I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too," he kisses my nose.

I scrunch my nose; he lets out a sexy laugh. "What?"

"Nothing, Rosebud." Yep, we told them our nicknames.

I wince on the inside, but not the outside. "Sure, Hazza," I let out a laugh. Soon I'll tell him of my past. When the tour is over, I'll sit down with him in my room, and just talk.

"Think of something?"

I snap out of my trance, "Oh, no."

"You sure?"

"Yeah." I look back out the window.

He turns my head around back towards him by putting his finger under my chin. "I still want to look at you," he gives me a kiss. "Tell me."

"Not now, when we get back home."

"Okay," he gives me another, longer, kiss.

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