Another one to die for.

Zayn Malik is a real BadBoy. Living in Bradford he smokes, drinks and has a lot of sex. He has a big loft and a lot of money. He drives a Mercedes Benz. And then he finds Niall....


4. Irresistible.

I jumped up the stairs, every time taking two instead of one.  As I came into my room, everything was messed up. “HORAN, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!”

I heard plates breaking.

I ran down the stairs, took his arm and attracted him near me. “What the hell were you thinking, messing up my room? Are you fucking stupid, Horan?”

He sighed. “I didn’t do anything, swear.”

I let go of his arm. “What happened?”

“Someone broke into your house and this person… He or she…” He looked away, ashamed.

“Go on, Horan.” I was pissed.

“The burglar hit me.”

I sighed. “Can you show me?”

He looked me deep in the eyes. “Why should I? You come home, pissed as hell and now you are concerned? Get your fucking hands off me, understood?” He was nearly screaming.

I looked away. “Get your clothes on, I’ll drive you. You have five minutes!”

He came back, dressed. And he looked fucking good.

“Let’s go.”, I hissed and left the house, he walked after me.

We got in the car, and drove silently. We stood in front of his little house.

“If you want to, you can sleep in my house. Just for tonight, if you want to feel safe.”, he murmured.

“It’ll be a pleasure.”, I said, smiling.

He looked at me. “Okay.”

We got out and he opened the door. This was going to be easy, right? Just for one night, sleeping, then leaving. I really hoped my plan worked…

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