Laura Mandaville thought that it was only a pretty and small jar,she was wrong.


1. Noises

I walked down the street,passing all of the houses.All the houses were so pretty.They were like the perfect doll houses that you would see in somewhere like Hamleys,even the family's inside were perfect.They were like china dolls dressed up In nice suits and dresses, they were all so perfect. At the end of the street there was a table in front of one of the houses,it had lots of things on it, antiques,toys,clothes and so much other stuff.I went over to the table,there was a sign on the front of it saying Sale,I looked at everything,there was a small jar that was a dark green with blue and crimson patterns "Exuse me,how much is this jar?"I asked "Have,it for free.I have never liked that jar,it caused many arguments in my family"Said the women as she handed me the jar "Thank you?"I replied.

When I got back to my house I put the jar on my fireplace and went up to my room.I got changed into my pajamas and went to bed,when I was falling asleep I could hear noises coming from down stairs.I got up from my bed and went down stairs to see what was there.Nobody was in the kitchen.Nobody was in the bathroom.I went into the living room,there was nobody there.As I went to leave the living room somthing walked behind me,I turned around.Nobody.I turned back around and went to walk upstairs,I could hear a laugh from behind me.I ignored it and ran upstairs.I got under my blanket and tried to get to sleep.But all night I could hear a laugh.I was scared.I think my house is haunted.
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